Shari Auth of is at the Oakworks facility in New Freedom, PA and she is discussing forearm massage techniques for the back. She is using a the ProLuxe Convertible electric lift table, designed by Oakworks.

Shari Auth is passionate about health and wellness. She has created The Auth Method brand to integrate her vast experience in alternative medicine with the modern lifestyle.

Her work is truly holistic in that she treats the full person, and does so incorporating a host of time honored modalities. She practices acupuncture, Chinese herbology, structural integration and massage. She treats a broad range of conditions including digestive problems, stress, sleep problems, women’s health issues, chronic and acute pain, autoimmunediseases, depression/ anxiety, postural issues and cancer-related issues in conjunction with western medical attention. In formulating her individualized treatments, she takes into account the whole person, addressing the emotional and spiritual along with the physical.

Have you ever wished that you could just pop the top off of your electric lift table and take it with you wherever you go? The ProLuxe Convertible allows you to do just that, by acting as an electric lift base unit for your portable massage table. You get the freedom and flexibility of a portable table and the convenience of an electric lift table.