Green is the new black for Orlando. ShopToEarth’s Eco Wellness Summit highlights green living with an action-packed, three-day event centered on health and wellness. ShopToEarth’s first Eco Wellness Summit to be held on October 2-4, 2009, at the Orlando Convention Center, encourages eco-friendly consumerism, wellness and sustainability.

The green weekend starts on the greens Friday with the “ShopToEarth Eco Golf Scramble” held at Orlando’s premier 18-hole Championship course, Hawk’s Landing. Friday will also include the “Green Tie Affair,” an evening of cocktails, appetizers and live music serving up everything organic, as well as a silent auction. The Summit Expo kicks off Saturday morning with nationally renowned keynote speakers, interactive workshops in the Zen Lounge and a live performance from The Moon Man Band. All net proceeds from the Eco Wellness Summit will benefit The ShopToEarth Foundation, advancing ShopToEarth’s ability to make a difference in the way associates think and feel about the environment.

“The goal of ShopToEarth’s Eco Wellness Summit is to increase awareness about the impact we all have on this planet,” said ShopToEarth’s President Dan Swiniarski. “One step at a time, ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth educate our associates about environmental awareness, social responsibility, and eco-consciousness.”

ShopToEarth’s Eco Wellness Summit will feature:

—  Nationally renowned keynote speakers: Ed Begley, Sara Snow, Ariane de
    Bonvoisin, Marie Diamond and Gary King.
—  National and local celebrities, industry leaders, product
    manufacturers, and names synonymous with the environmental, health and
    wellness industries.
—  Environmental workshops and interactive exhibits from more than 200 of
    ShopToEarth’s partners.
—  Renowned doctors, health and wellness practitioners, and enlightenment
    experts sharing their passion for the environment.
—  A forum for ideas and inspiration considering all aspects of work and
    home life including: greening your home, small steps to living green,
    healthy living and cooking, wellness techniques and personal growth, to eco-
    fashion and beauty.
—  A display and tasting of delicious natural and organic foods from many
    of ShopToEarth’s food vendors.
    ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth is one of the fastest growing private companies in the U.S. offering a direct sales business model, which couples a hybrid MLM with a twist of eco-friendly practices and sustainability.

“In spreading this message through our network, we hope to have an immediate positive impact on the current environmental situation, whether it be through education, adaptation or change,” said Patrick Welsh, Founder of ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth. “With a network of around 100,000 associates, our hope is that the actions of each associate will impact the lives of people they know and so on.”

Pre-registration through August 1st is $99. The Eco Wellness Summit is a great opportunity to invite those who are not currently involved in ShopToEarn so they too can have a great weekend, see the big picture, and choose to be a part of the solution.

About Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth

Empowering its associates to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth, the goal of Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth is to increase environmental awareness and social responsibility. Through its alliances with the biggest name retailers in traditional and environmentally friendly products, ShopToEarth associates have access to natural, organic, and earth-friendly brands. While purchasing these products, ShopToEarth associates receive a percentage of cash back on all their purchases through the Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth portals. For more information visit ShopToEarn newsroom ( or the Official ShopToEarn Blog (