Life is becoming more stressful every day. The economy is in a recession, people are worried about their jobs, and everywhere we turn, we see bad news. All of this negativity is enough to stress-out even the calmest of people. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), one-third of Americans are living with extreme stress and nearly half of Americans believe their stress has increased over the past five years.

The problem with stress is it negatively affects health and can lead to trouble sleeping, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, lack of energy, lack of concentration, anger, depression, stomach problems, skin problems, anxiety, weight gain or loss, heart problems, high blood pressure, and more.

To help combat stress and its negative impact on health, Dr. G.L. Chao, a Ph.D. in Chinese Herbal Medicine, along with several other prominent Doctors of Chinese Herbal Medicine, began researching Dr. Chao™s 130-year-old family recipe for an herbal drink that was used in China to help people relax and relieve the negative health problem caused by stress.

After intensive research, Dr. Chao and his research team were delighted to discover that his family™s herbal drink could be used to reduce the symptoms of stress by regulating the immune system and the brain™s central nervous system. The family™s herbal formula helped improve blood capillary circulation, thus regulating high blood pressure and reducing feelings of depression, stress, and worries.

In 2008, under the guidance of the American National Food Laboratory, a healthy herbal drink has finally been made available in the USA. This drink comes in a can with an easy-open lid. It helps reduce stress, soothes thirst, and does not have side effects.

Dr. Chao™s Herbal Drink has been certified by the American National Food Laboratory to be sugar-free, calorie-free, caffeine- free, and containing no preservative and other addictives. It is a 100% natural and delicious herbal drink. The drink can be consumed by people of all ages, children, and adults, including those whose intake of sugar is restricted.

For more information on Dr. Chao™s all natural relaxation drink, and to purchase it, please call U.S. PANDA FOODS & BEVERAGES INC. at 1-877-237-2426.