New Web Site Serves as a Comprehensive Resource and Educational Tool for Greening the Home

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sierra Club Green Home (SCGH) today launches its new Web site,, designed to educate Americans on how to make their homes more energy efficient, environmentally sustainable and healthy. Created with Sierra Club — America’s oldest, largest, and best-known environmental organization — SCGH aims to help aspirationally green citizens become more environmentally conscious.

“Sierra Club is passionate about a sustainable future; however, we understand becoming green may be daunting for many, which is why we are so thrilled about Sierra Club Green Home. This site expands our reach to connect with consumers who want to begin the journey by greening their homes,” explains Carl Pope, Sierra Club executive director, who was challenged to find green products, services and contractors during a personal quest to make his home more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Confronting such hurdles inspired Pope and the organization to invest in a solution.

Pope continues, “By offering the only green Web site dedicated exclusively to the home, we hope to make the idea of green living more attainable, thus resulting in a larger base of citizens that share in the excitement of preserving our environment.”

“We want to help Americans go green—using easier methods such as recycling, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and low-flow showerheads—to more sophisticated tools like full solar panels and grey water systems,” said Jennifer Schwab, SCGH director of sustainability. “We believe even small contributions will have an impact, especially if we can persuade millions of people to participate.”

SCGH provides educationally rich content on more than 100 subjects related to sustainability for the home, and grants visitors access to exclusive articles from prominent green journalists including Joan Hamilton, Jennifer Roberts and Bob Schildgen. SCGH also offers consumers access to thousands of providers of green products and services vetted for authenticity through the SCGH GreenCheck process—a set of carefully designed criteria upon which each applicant is evaluated. Visitors will be able to scan the database of SCGH GreenCheck authorized providers based upon region, enabling them to easily start greening their homes, regardless of budget.

The site is an ideal resource for everyone—moms looking to ensure the health of their by choosing formaldehyde-free furniture; do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) trying to save power by installing skylights; college students switching to organic cotton bedding in dorm rooms; and ‘nouveau green’ individuals striving to do their part by reflooring their homes with bamboo.

“We created Sierra Club Green Home to bridge the gap between wanting to do what’s best for the environment and not knowing where to start,” said Schwab, who is also a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accredited practitioner. “This site mirrors my personal search to make more eco-friendly choices for myself and my family. We’re excited about this launch and have worked hard to give green a friendlier and more accessible voice in an effort to encourage people everywhere to embrace this lifestyle in whatever capacity they see fit.”

Visit SCGH at to learn more about going green at home.

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