Innovative, Tailored E-Mail Marketing Products Help Businesses Gain Competitive Edge

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…Jan. 27, 2009…Huntington Beach, Calif….SignatureB Communications, a provider of unique e-mail marketing products for spa and salon professionals, today announced that is has expanded its product line to include marketing materials designed for the rapidly growing medical spa business. As part of the expansion, SignatureB’s customized e-marketing products will now also address cosmetic medical treatments and procedures.

The new e-mail products—including newsletters, birthday wishes, and customized greetings for any occasion—are tailored for medical spa professionals, as well as esthetic spa owners who are adding cosmetic procedures to their existing practice or opening a cosmetic medical center, healthcare retail center, or wellness center and want to grow their business without spending unlimited funds on marketing.

René Brookbank, founder and president of SignatureB Communications, said the expansion to include medical spas was a natural next step based on the company’s success working with esthetic-only spas and salons. “The number of medical cosmetic procedures has increased greatly over the past 10 years,” Brookbank said. “Consumers are becoming very savvy in this field, but many don’t fully understand the different procedures. Our full suite of cost-effective e-marketing products helps to bridge the gap and build client relationships. Medical spa owners can use branded e-mail stationery to offer incentives or promote new treatments, and their clients value our e-newsletters that feature beauty, health, and medical spa-specific articles, as well as personalized spa news. The end result is increased awareness about the medical spa and clients who make repeat visits and provide word-of-mouth referrals.”

According to Kouros Azar, M.D., a top plastic surgeon based in Southern California, SignatureB’s customized e-mail marketing products were affordable, highly valuable additions to his marketing activities and provided immediate positive results for his practice. “I found SignatureB’s custom e-mail newsletter and tracking products to be the most successful way to stay in touch with my patients,” Azar said. “I was able to simply and effectively reach half of my database within three days. This allowed us to manage who was interested in different articles or special promotions and what their level of interest was. It is very exciting to see immediate results from a marketing campaign and receive comments back from patients within hours.”

According to recent estimates from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), less invasive procedures will continue to drive the cosmetic surgery market during the next decade. The group estimates that a total of 55 million cosmetic surgery procedures will be performed in 2015, four times as many conducted in 2005. Laser-related procedures, cosmetic fillers, and injectable toxins such as Botox will lead the way. Between 1992 and 2005, the number of nonsurgical procedures grew annually by 27.9 percent in comparison to 7.5 percent for the surgical procedures, and the ASPS said it believes that this trend will continue even during current unsteady economic times.

About SignatureB Communications

SignatureB Communications creates buzz about esthetic and medical spas and salons with personalized e-marketing products. The customer-focused products—newsletters, birthday wishes, and other greetings—are tailored for each individual business. SignatureB provides turnkey managementfrom e-mail list creation and updates to design, content development, and distribution, along with tracking information. The company is headquartered in Orange County, Calif. For more information, visit or call (714) 907-0715.