Depending on the type of continuing education course you choose to pursue, preparing for your experience can involve a variety of steps, from purchasing plane tickets and booking a hotel room, to rearranging your schedule to fit in a local class a few times a week. However, if you are one of the many massage therapists or bodyworkers to select a home-based course, then your preparation will be quite different.

Many touch therapy practitioners choose to take a home-based continuing education course simply because preparing for these classes tends to involve much less of an investment. For example, if you were to take a seminar that happens on a cruise ship or in a resort town, then preparing for that class could be fairly pricey.

Saving on fees for transportation, lodging and meals is a big motivation for a large number of students who enroll in home-based education. Even if you were to find a course happening close to your place of residence, attending such classes still includes transportation, time and costs.

For those who find a home-based CE class to take, preparing for the experience usually begins with getting a few key details about the class. Once you are confident that the course topic and provider are exactly what you need and are looking for, the next question may be whether you have to log on and “attend” the class at a set time or whether you can do so on your own schedule.

If it happens to be the former, then you will need to prepare by setting aside that particular block of time each week to be at the computer to attend the class. Fortunately, you will not need to set aside extra time or money for transportation costs. If the course is set up so students can attend at the times that work best for them, then you can make the rules as far as which blocks of time you set aside.

No matter what the attendance and schedule policy is for your home-based continuing education class, you may find that you do need to be available on specific days to take tests. If your course has set deadlines for taking quizzes and exams, be sure to prepare by marking those dates on your calendar.

Beyond knowing the schedule for your home-based CE course, the only other main way to prepare is by making sure you have all the technology and software necessary to attend and complete the class. Usually, this simply means a speedy Internet connection and a reliable computer.

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