MADISON, Wis.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For the millions of people that suffer from allergies and sinus issues, relief is right around the corner. The cure: nasal washing. The SinuCleanse® nasal washing system, now available throughout Canada, is an effective, all-natural way to cleanse the nose and help promote sino-nasal health.

The SinuCleanse system was created and introduced in 1997 by Dr. Diane Heatley, an ear, nose and throat physician at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in an effort to relieve her patients’ uncomfortable symptoms.

“Regular nasal washing can be as effective as medication, but without the harmful side effects,” noted Heatley. “Additionally, most medications treat the symptoms, rather than the root cause. Nasal washing clears the sinus cavity of germs and irritants and gets users back to breathing easy.”

The SinuCleanse nasal washing system is available in three varieties, including the traditional neti pot, the SinuCleanse Squeeze™ and the new Kids Mist™, designed specifically for children and infants. The SinuCleanse system is easy to use and to keep clean. The SinuCleanse Squeeze features an exclusive, wide-mouth opening and is the only nasal wash bottle with an anti-backwash valve to prevent contamination of the solution. Both the Squeeze and the neti pot are made of unbreakable, antibacterial plastic to ensure safety and cleanliness and are dishwasher-safe for added protection and convenience.

The SinuCleanse nasal wash system features unique ultra-fine grain saline ingredients that dissolve instantly in warm water. The natural saline solution soothes on contact, providing instant sinus relief. It is completely natural and contains no harmful additives such as preservatives, anti-caking agents or iodine that are commonly found in most saline solutions.

SinuCleanse can be used daily and can help a sinus sufferer become an ex–sinus sufferer. The SinuCleanse system is now available in the United States and Canada.

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Notes to editors: Dr. Diane Heatley is available for interviews and products are available for samples, demos, etc. Additionally, we’re able to provide hi-res images of the products and Dr. Heatley upon request.

The SinuCleanse system is available at Wal-Mart, Rexall, Katz Group, Lablows, Pharmasave as well as at number of independent stores throughout Canada.