Many of the spas across America are returning to the more natural treatment of oils and plant extracts. They are shying away from the chemical based products and plastic surgery that have almost become a norm in today’s skin care treatment. New products such as Aveda’s Green Science Collection, and Sandy Scott’s Sandy Scott is About Aesthetics, have been growing in popularity with skin care professionals for sometime. Both lines pride themselves on the their recycling practices, ecofriendly techniques, non-animal testing, and avoidance of artifical dyes and fragrances. The natural ingredients in these lines help to cure the skin naturally as opposed to breaking it down as is the case with chemicals. These products are made around the world from plants and other natural ingredients found on a number of different continents. Ingredients include almond, apricot, cucumber, cranberry, ginseng, orange, olive, and even soy. Skin care professionals even find it remotely comical that it has taken us this long to truly take advantage of these products as they have been around for so long. They are ancient remedies most of the time past down from generation to generation. The idea is that these ingredients help to relax the skin which is stressed enough as it is in our daily lives. This relaxation promotes healing which is what the person seeking treatment is usually after. The main drawback to these natural treatments is that they take longer than the quick fixes achieved by chemicals and plastic surgery. However, Aveda has recognized this problem and has come up with a solution to help expedite the healing. It is a gem named tourmaline which can be added to their products in order to push them farther into the skin. This deeper penetration helps the skin heal faster. The number one rule in skin care, which goes without saying, is always know what you are about to put on your skin. These days the all natural products may just be the best ones when considering this question.