by Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T.

Small Associations Make for Big Business, MASSAGE MagazineOne venue you can utilize to gain more massage clients is through small associations. In any given region of the country, there are tons of small associations. All you need is a phone book and a little time. Simply look in the Yellow Pages under “Associations.” Here are some examples of what you will find:

  • Homeowners Associations
  • Professional Organizations
  • Fraternal Organizations
  • Social and Community Associations
  • Car Clubs

The important thing about these associations and organizations is almost all of them send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter, and almost all have a website. Advertising in the newsletter and/or getting a link from their website is extremely easy, low cost (usually free) and effective. Most local associations and local chapters of large organizations have a relatively small membership (typically 50 to 200 members). This gives you limited but highly targeted marketing. Most members actually read their newsletter or visit the website for new information that is important to them. If you have a presence in these areas, you will be highly noticed.

When contacting these associations, keep in mind they usually have one person designated to put together the newsletter and another that takes care of the website. Sometimes they have advertising rates established, but in most cases, they have never been asked. When my company does this type of ad, it runs about $5 to $10 for a business-card-size ad. Many times, the person doing the newsletter or website will trade for massage or spa services. I like to suggest getting an ad in the next four newsletters in trade for a gift certificate they can raffle, auction or give as a gift at their next function. Just get creative. This will give you a local, targeted, receptive audience of which to market—and increase referrals in the process.

Stephen A. Kreger, L.M.T., is president of Island Software Company,