~ Website to help unify brands ~
Watsonville, CA (July 2008) Smith and Vandiver, a natural bath and beauty product company, is proud to announce the launch of their new Web site; www.svnaturally.com.
Launching on August 22, 2008, the new Web site will feature in-depth company and product information, a healthy-living blog, discussion forum and an integrated html newsletter broadcasting system.
“The goal of the new site is to create a transparent re-branding of the existing company’s web presence and to consolidate the company’s multiple brands into a more streamlined corporate identity,” says company president, Jeff Slaboden, “Smith and Vandiver, a 29-year old business, has diversified into many distribution channels and brands, we are looking forward to uniting everything under one common S&V banner.”
As an envisionmentalist, Smith & Vandiver has always cared for the health of their consumer as well as Mother Earth, proving you can be a good corporate citizen. Whether supporting organic agriculture, designing energy efficient buildings and manufacturing processes, having comprehensive recycling programs, using sustainable packaging materials, or simply making the most healthful bath, body, and skincare products with natural, sustainable ingredients, Smith & Vandiver is an oasis of visionary excellence when it comes to the environment and living green. For more information, please visit www.svnaturally.com, or call (831) 722-9526.