More than 50% of Americans make fitness related New Year's Resolution – only 20% succeed

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa., Dec. 29 /PRNewswire/ — For many Americans, the New Year means a clean slate and a chance to right the wrongs of the previous year. Unfortunately, each year millions of us make some type of fitness related New Year's resolution, but only about 20% of those resolutions are actually kept. Smooth Fitness, the largest online retailer of home fitness equipment, provides some advice to help everyone reach their fitness goals for 2009.

"We see it every year, everyone sticks to their resolution for a few weeks, maybe a month but eventually they slip back into their bad habits," said Chad Tackett, Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert, Smooth Fitness. "The key thing for people to understand is that in order to be successful it is really about a lifestyle change, not crash diets or workout fads."

Smooth Fitness offers a few tips for the start of a healthy year and ways to stick to your New Years resolution:

     --  Set a realistic goal - Resolving to look like a supermodel is not         realistic for the majority of people but eating healthier and increasing         daily physical activity certainly is possible. 

     --  Develop a plan of attack - Determine your goals and specify how you will         achieve them.  Be specific.  "Exercise" isn't a specific         plan, but running for 20 minutes each morning is a plan.  It is also         helpful to set milestones you plan to reach throughout the year rather         than just one overall goal.  It is much less intimidating to attempt to         achieve a series of small goals throughout the year than one lofty goal         that seems far out of reach. 

     --  Adjust your diet accordingly - Drink more water. Eat more fruits and         vegetables.  Take a daily vitamin.  Substitute sugar and flour with         Splenda and whole grains.  A well-balanced diet will be crucial to         reaching your fitness goals. 

     --  Do the little things - Take the stairs instead of using the elevator.          Park further away from the office building.  Do a few jumping-jacks         during television commercial breaks.  You'll be amazed with how         quickly all the little things begin to add up. 

     --  Don't go it alone - Everyone needs a little help from time to time.         Ask friends and family to participate in your resolution.  You can also         enlist the help of a professional fitness trainer. 

     --  Celebrate your successes - When you reach a milestone, reward yourself         with something special.  This doesn't mean having a big piece of         cake because you lost 5 pounds.  Try something non-food related like a         professional massage or round of golf. 

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