San Diego, California (Feb. 24, 2011): Ambrosia Aromatherapy, a total wellness product line for skin, body, mind and soul, has introduced a new Aromatic Wellness Soak in Eucalyptus Basil to soothe muscles and ease congestion. Perfect for spa treatments or at home use.

The oils in this blend were chosen for their soothing properties. Eucalyptus Oil is helps to promote blood circulation and Basil is soothing, calming and beneficial for sluggish and congested skin. Geranium helps to improve circulation. Cajuput Oil, held in high regard in the East, is used to soothe aches and pains. Chamomile is calming and soothing and helps to neutralize skin irritants. Calendula Extract from Marigold helps to ease muscular and vascular problems. Rosemary Leaf Extract is a highly recognized antioxidant which moisturizes and soothes the skin while controlling inflammation.

Eucalyptus Basil Aromatic Wellness Soak is formulated with only the purest essential oils, many of which are obtained through CO2 extraction. This process is one of the purest, most advanced, environmentally friendly processes in the world which produces supercritical extracts free of solvents, inorganic salts and preservatives.

In the treatment room, the Wellness Soak can be added to water for use on towels and cotton pads; it can also be used in the steamer to further the aromatic benefits. Also great as a retail item, it can also be used at home for a relaxing aromatic experience in the bath.

Other Ambrosia AromatherapyTM Wellness Soaks include Geranium and Lavender and Ylang-Ylang Orange. Products can be found in select spas and salons as well as online at

About Ambrosia Aromatherapy and CA Botana

Made with pure essential oils and soothing organic fragrances, Ambrosia Aromatherapy products are an all natural total wellness system for skin, body, mind and soul, perfect for use in salons or at home. Quality essential oils provide the fullest benefit of the aromatherapy experiences. Oils are extracted by steam distillation or cold extraction from wild and organic plants. One hundred percent pure and natural. Take Your Spa Experience Home®.

Ambrosia Aromatherapy products are developed and manufactured by CA BOTANA, headquartered in San Diego, CA. For over 40 years, CA BOTANA has studied the effects of sea extracts, plants, herbs and vitamins. For more information about CA BOTANA or Ambrosia Aromatherapy products, visit the website at or call 800-872-2332.