May 8, 2012 – Santa Fe, New Mexico. Soothing Touch , a leading brand in the massage lubricant category, has announced a special promotion to help benefit the Massage Therapy Foundation, The Massage Therapy Foundation advances the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service.

During July, Soothing Touch will promote its top-selling lotion gallons, unscented jojoba, lavender and desert blossom, with a special sale of “Buy One Gallon, Get One Gallon at 50% Off.” Additionally, the company will donate to the Massage Therapy Foundation, $0.50 per gallon for all lotion gallons sold during the monthlong promotion. This promises to be an exciting event. The more the company can sell, the more it can donate to the foundation. Soothing Touch has also asked its distributor network to participate and add $0.50 cents to the donation, so that a $1 per gallon can be achieved. The list of participating distributors will be posted and updated regularly on Soothing Touch’s website, Facebook page and Twitter.

Soothing Touch was founded in 1977 in a garage in Los Angeles, California, by a small group of yogis learning from the late Yogi Bhajan how to do yoga and meditate, how to eat better, live better and how to take better care of their skin and hair. Their first product was an Ayurvedic blend of oils for the skin and hair, which they still offer today. They are family owned and all products are made in their facility in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They use BPA-free plastic, are cruelty-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. They recently became a certified organic manufacturer by the NMDA.

Soothing Touch is proud of its history and looks forward to a promising future in the massage industry. The company is excited to be supporting a great organization like The Massage Therapy Foundation, which does so much for so many connected to the therapy of massage.

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