In 1979, in a canyon outside Tucson, Arizona, Soundings of the Planet was founded to spread a message of Peace Through Music around the world. It began when Dean Evenson put two microphones 100 feet apart and recorded the birds and rich sounds of dawn in the desert. That field recording was taken back to the studio where Dean and his friend Jonathan Kramer listened to the natural symphony and played flute and cello together, mirroring the back and forth calling of the birds. When Dean’s wife, Dudley, added her harmonic strumming on an open-tuned hand harp along with her wordless song, the mix was complete and the first cassette of a fledgling record label was produced.

Now, thirty years later, Soundings of the Planet is recognized as a leader in the field of healing music and is seen as a pioneer of the genre. During the 1980s, Dean and Dudley built their company up from a mom and pop shop to a widely distributed, independent record label that has withstood the vagaries of time and changes in the music business for three decades. That they are still artist-owned and independent is a testament to the tenacity of their vision and commitment to use their music and artistic endeavors to make the world a better place.

In 1987, the Evensons led a Citizen Diplomacy tour to the Soviet Union bringing along musicians, singers, dancers and performers to act as Artist Ambassadors to Cold War Russia. An album came forth from that tour and in Soundings’ 30 year musical journey, many other collaborations ensued with master musicians from around the world including Indian sitarists, Chinese zither master, Japanese healer, Mexican harpist, Native American elder, Hungarian pianist and even the Dalai Lama chanting. Country singer and Grammy winner Naomi Judd counts herself as a fan among hundreds of thousands of others.

More frequently than not, one hears the music of Dean Evenson when receiving a soothing massage or healing treatment. The music is popular with yoga and tai chi practitioners, mothers giving birth, teachers, psychotherapists and many people simply looking to overcome the stresses of modern life. Recently, their music has found its way to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other VA Hospitals where it is being used to help treat PTSD and wounds of war.

With a strong ear to the future, Dean and Dudley intend to keep producing and using state of the art technologies and distribution systems to share their music and videos. They are currently working on a DVD and multi media project about Sonic Healing and have interviewed dozens of leaders in the field of sound healing, music therapy and vibrational medicine. The Evensons teach Sound Healing, Meditation and Chakra workshops nationwide.

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