Bellingham, Washington (July 12, 2012):   Independent artist-owned label Soundings of the Planet is pleased to announce that Dean and Dudley Evenson are the recipients of three Visionary Awards by the Coalition of Visionary Resources at the recent INATS Trade Show in Denver. Since their founding in 1979, Soundings of the Planet has been honored by their industry with numerous Visionary Awards for their popular healing and world music.

REIKI OM  won Best Innerspace/Meditational/Healing Music as well as the coveted Music of the Year award. Dean and Dudley collaborated with prodigy Henry Han who plays the 21 string Chinese zither called the ‘guzheng’ which gives the album its Asian feeling. In addition to the flute, harp, Tibetan bowls and tamboura played by the Evensons, they are joined by Soundings engineer, Phil Heaven, on viola. The album has become quite popular among Reiki practitioners as well as other healing arts therapists. Jennifer Yost, reiki master says “Reiki OM nurtures and envelops the listener, gently flowing inward, and opening the healing journey Reiki provides. A blend of blissful melodies that beckon and cleanse the body, mind, and soul, attuning with the rainbow vibration of Reiki energy.”

A SOUND SLEEP: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music & Nature Sounds  was the Visionary Award-winner for Best Specialty Music. This is the second album with Dudley Evenson’s guided meditations to win Best Specialty Album. (The first was Meditation Moment: 52 Weekly Affirmations.) Alice Berntson of New Connexion Journal says “Dudley’s soothing voice guides listeners into deep relaxation, encouraging us to let go of the thoughts and chatter in our minds that interfere with sleep. All this truly will help insomniacs drift off to sleep.”