(OPENPRESS) February 11, 2009 — The “noses” at soy candle specialists Sentelle (www.sentelle.co.uk) have been hard at work sniffing out eight new exclusive fragrances for their latest scented candle range, along with two new aromatherapy candles. Each of the 10oz candles is presented in a stylish conical design that’s worthy of a prime position on the mantelpiece. The new candle range includes….

Scented Candles

  • Freesia – a delicate blend of freesias with top notes of rose, lily and jasmine.
  • Autumn Spice – A snappy apple fragrance with spicy cinnamon.
  • Victorian Rose – A delicate, feminine floral scent to inspire daydreams and relaxation.
  • Jasmine – An oriental perfume that awakens the senses and helps you unwind.
  • Lemon Verbena – A sweet zesty aroma, both soothing and invigorating.
  • Creamy Vanilla – A warm, sugary treat reminiscent of the ripe vanilla bean.
  • White Tea & Ginger – A blend of citrus, exotic spices and fragrant jasmine.
  • Sweet Pea – A posy of orange blossom, hyacinth and delicate sweet peas.

Aromatherapy Candles

  • Lavender – Loaded with soothing and uplifting pure lavender essential oil.
  • Lemongrass – Infused with refreshing and revitalising lemongrass essential oil.

The new fragrances are added to Sentelle’s extensive range of beautifully packaged, colourful candles, featuring sumptuous floral, fruity, citrus and gourmet scents. The collection is a favourite with candle lovers who have already switched on to soy – and love the pure, lasting fragrances, impressively long burning times and eco-friendly credentials of soy candles.

Some of Sentelle’s soy candles – including Lavender and Lemongrass from the new range – are blended with pure essential oils. Their therapeutic effects have long been known – Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, said, “The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.” Aromatherapy candles offer these benefits and can help relax, energise, or soothe.

Funmi invites candle lovers to engulf yourself in the divine scents ranging from the warm and spicy Autumn Spice Fragrance to the dreamy and intoxicating Jasmine fragrance or soak yourself in the healing therapy of the lavender or lemongrass essential oil aromatherapy candles.

Sentelle soy candles are available online at www.sentelle.co.uk. For more information or images, contact press A sentelle.co.uk, or phone 0845 130 7515.

Benefits of Soy Candles
Soy candles are made from a sustainable source – soya beans – making them the “green” candle choice. Soy wax is clean burning and, unlike paraffin wax, it does not produce toxins. Soy wax is a great natural base for candles – it burns slowly, lasting 50% longer than paraffin wax candles. It also has excellent fragrance absorption, so fragrance lasts for the life of the candle, they have a wonderful scent throw which means the fragrance is strong and lasting.

About Sentelle Ltd.
Sentelle was launched in 2005. It is a London based company specialising in high quality soy candles. Sentelle was born out of the passion of founder Funmi Ogboye who spent over 10 years in the cosmetic industry involved in the research and development of skincare, cosmetics and fragrances.