Eastman, August 4 2009 – Spa Eastman Montréal is taking advantage of major renovations to revamp its services and its overall approach. This is what President and Executive Director, Jocelyna Dubuc, proudly announced at the official opening of Spa Eastman Montreal.

An Urban Space with an Eastman Atmosphere
Spa Eastman Montreal, on Sherbrooke Street, was one of the first urban spas to hit the scene in down town Montreal almost 20 years ago today. Situated on the 16th floor of an office building, it offers renewal right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the busy metropolitan. This summer major investments made it possible for Spa Eastman to receive an exceptional makeover adapted to its unique location and inspired by elements of nature characteristic of Spa Eastman in the Eastern Townships.

An innovative design concept brings together elements of the city and the country thus giving Spa Eastman Montreal an undeniable urban atmosphere that is also soothing. How? You ask! By using the magnificent view overlooking Mount Royal as a focal point!

No Longer Just a Simple Spa!
As well as offering massage therapy, beauty and body treatments as it always has, Spa Eastman Montreal is taking advantage of this change to broaden its range of services and move even closer to the essence of Spa Eastman’s mission in the process. Clients will be able to consult with naturopaths, nutritionists and kinesiologist/personal trainers in order to follow up on weight-loss and/or fitness programs that were started during a stay at Eastman.

The Smallest Gym in the World!
Never has such a small gym had such big dreams! Thanks to a completely personalized assessment of your fitness level a kinesiologist/personal trainer will concoct a complete fitness program that perfectly meets your fitness needs. An effective workout regimen can be achieved without using complicated equipment! Exercise bands, exercise balls and mats will be the tools used to build fitness.

Classes for Early Birds
As of this fall from Monday to Friday, every morning from 6:00 to 8:00, Spa Eastman Montreal will be offering yoga, meditation and Pilates classes to small groups (no more than ten participants). Working with small groups allows the instructor to pay more attention to each participant’s movements and make sure that exercises are done effectively. What’s more, enrolment in any class offered at Spa Eastman Montreal comes with an automatic membership to The Smallest Gym in the World! Members will benefit from additional advantages and rebates on all the services offered in Montreal as well as on the group cure and fitness retreats organized for them at Eastman, twice a year.

Spa Eastman Montreal’s rejuvenation also highlights Nathalie Roy’s arrival in Montreal. She has been at the helm of Spa and Fitness Development at Spa Eastman for ten years and is very proud to integrate those new services into Montreal’s concept. “Well-being starts, first and foremost, with relaxation, physical activity and proper nutrition. Now Spa Eastman Montreal can offer all of this. More than ever we are truly an extension of what Spa Eastman has been offering since 1977!” exclaims Ms Roy.

Through its unique concept of promoting health and well-being, and respecting sustainable development principles, Spa Eastman offers local and international clients an opportunity to shape up and renew their spirits. Through the innovation and passion of key persons, the quality and excellence of personalised services along with education and prevention in healthful and authentic surroundings, Spa Eastman is committed to encouraging proper life habits and helping clients achieve overall lasting health.

For more information, visit www.spa-eastman.com.