Eastman, May 15 2009 – In order to offer a moment of rest and relaxation to clients suffering from cancer, Spa Eastman has given specialized training to its massage therapists, aestheticians as well as to its reservations staff to improve skills that will allow them to adequately receive and offer support to this clientele.

“Massage therapists and aestheticians in the spa industry are often confronted with a lack of specialized skills needed when offering treatments to clients suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, these professionals often refuse to offer the treatments as a result of this lack of knowledge. By offering specialized training to our staff, we enable them to respect our clients need and even exceed their expectations. Whether they are in the active stages of the disease or on their way to recovery, clients fighting cancer can now enjoy quality care that is adapted to their needs in a relaxing and peaceful context,” explains Jocelyna Dubuc, President and Executive Director of Spa Eastman.

In certain cases, clients suffering from cancer prefer to keep their disease a secret lest they be refused access to treatments.

“When any guest spends a few days at a spa, they deserve a warm welcome and treatments that are adapted to their state; so we have decided to take charge and make sure these clients benefit from the highest quality treatments and supportive care,” added Ms Jocelyna Dubuc.

This skills development program designed for our massage therapists, aestheticians and reservations staff was created by Arborescence, Accompagnement par le massage, in collaboration with Massotech (recognized by the Fédération québécoise des massothérapeutes). The expertise, which is evident in the work of its trainers, is the fruit of 20 years of work with patients suffering from cancer in a medical setting.

At Spa Eastman, 12 massage therapists were chosen to undertake the 100-hour program, including 30 hours of practical training. Created exclusively for Spa Eastman, this training has helped massage therapists learn to adapt massage techniques and body treatments to the cancer patients’ capacity to receive these treatments and in accordance with treatment protocols in a spa vacation setting. Our aestheticians and reservations staff have also received a training that is adapted to their level intervention with the same clientele.

By developing this specialty, Spa Eastman is still innovating and proudly consolidates its status as a vacation destination focused on renewal and well-being. In addition, from May 20 to June 12, Spa Eastman is offering a free massage to persons suffering from cancer. All they need to do is call Spa Eastman (800) 665-5272, Spa Eastman Montréal (514) 845-8455, or Spa Eastman Ile des Soeurs (514) 766-4000, and reserve their “Massage Retreat.” (Spaces are limited).