Spa Mobile Inc. has announced its nationwide partnership with Tan Artistry LLC to provide day and mobile spa businesses, as well as individual spray tan artists, with tanning kits using an organic solution made in the U.S.

Spray tanning is becoming more and more popular as a UV-free safe alternative to look healthy. Spa Mobile provides an opportunity for individuals and retail businesses to add spray tanning to their menu of services, thus increasing business and income.

Spa Mobile wanted to partner with a company that manufactured its product in the U.S. and had a proven track record of providing individuals with a natural-looking tan. Tan Artistry uses a one-size-fits-all solution instead of those that have different “levels,” need drops or add-ons. Tan Artistry’s Liquid Gold Solution, as well as the Aerosol Tan Can product, provides a bronzer for immediate gratification to the individual wishing to look tan. The tanning solution also has botanicals and antioxidants for a healthy spray tan that develops on the skin over a few hours for a long-lasting natural glow. No orange look, harsh chemicals, booth-like smells or sticky feeling after the spray.

This partnership to provide tanning kits that include a HVLP mobile machine, tanning room pop-up tent and organic solution will allow retail day spa’s massage therapists, spray tan artists, skin-care professionals and any health and beauty entrepreneurs an opportunity to book more appointments on-site and as a mobile service, decrease business costs by getting wholesale pricing and increase income using a superior product.