Spring is upon us, and it’s time to start showing off your toes. Follow these steps for a relaxing, budget-friendly pedicure and some great ways to shed your winter skin.

A proper pedicure should involve a foot soak, a nail trim, a foot scrub to remove calluses and dead skin. Cuticles should be pushed down, never cut and calves and feet should be massaged with lotion or oil. An olive oil is especially nourishing for dry winter skin. A clear undercoat should be applied to keep nails shiny and for a long-lasting pedicure. Two coats of color is all it should take, along with a top coat for extra protection against chipping. Be patient because polish takes at least 15 minutes to dry.

For Extra Dry Skin

Try this at-home treatment: Use either bath salts or sand (collected from the beach) mixed with vegetable oil to make a sticky paste. Add a few drops of essential oil rosemary or peppermint. (A nice extract from the kitchen will work, too.) Massage your feet concentrating on the heels, the balls of your feet and big toes.

Quick Tips:

1.    Cool down hot feet with a peppermint and aloe vera gel scrub.

2.    Soothe tired feet with a vegetable oil massage spiked with clove oil, which has anesthetic properties. (Best base oils for feet include avocado, olive and sesame)

3.    Soak your feet in warm water laced with pine, tea tree and eucalyptus oils to banish odor.

4.    Exercise and strengthen your foot muscles by rolling each foot over a tennis ball while sitting down.

5.    Detoxify your whole body with a 10-minute foot soak in warm water containing 2 tablespoons of rock salt. Follow with an oil massage.

SOURCE: www.examiner.com