muscle_beach_for_men_press_releaseSpa Revolutions and massage therapists flex their muscles to combat pain men experience from playing sports and working out.

Escondido, California Spa Revolutions, an innovator for sanitary and self-heating massage treatments, officially announced the launch of their newest massage protocol, Muscle Beach for Men.

Men are an untapped market, and the number of men visiting spas will surely increase in coming years. Spas can reap the benefits of devoting at least a section of their menu to spa treatments exclusively designed for men.

Muscle Beach for Men is the massage for the man who has pushed it to the max pumping iron. Using both self-heating Lava Shells and cooling Glacial Shells, this innovative massage helps relax muscles fatigued from repetitive use, while the Glacial Shells help to reduce inflammation and inhibit pain. The ultimate in contrast therapy, Muscle Beach massage is recognized for easing pain, reducing localized inflammation and increasing superficial circulation. 

“Men differ in their buying habits, and recent research indicates that a growing number of men are visiting the spa for specialized services,” said Kristin Sartore, director of sales, marketing and business development.

“While some men may experience apprehension about treating themselves to a pampering day at the spa, Muscle Beach is not just a ‘luxury.’ It is a therapeutic massage that makes an impact on how they’re going to feel in their bodies, effectively targeting muscle soreness from athletic activities,” she continued. “Muscle Beach offers a turn-key massage protocol that spas can easily incorporate into their treatment menu, ultimately boosting their bottom line.”

About Spa Revolutions

Spa Revolutions stands at the forefront of innovation in naturally self-heating skin care, beauty and wellness products for professionals. Used in over 6,000 marquee spas worldwide, PerfectSense Professional Products are made up of self-heated tools for hand, foot, body and massage care that use long lasting, electricity-free heat to offer unparalleled convenience and quality of treatment. Patented delivery systems optimize skin care treatments for ease of use and effective results.