Nation’s fastest-growing spa company joins largest, global gift card distributor to expand consumer access to its spa partners

New York, NY (September 20, 2011): Spa Week Media Group, the nation’s fastest-growing spa marketing company, announced its new partnership with InComm to sell Spa Week Gift Cards in the retail channel nationwide. InComm is the largest distributor of gift cards in the world with nearly $10 billion in retail sales and more than 1 billion customers every week.

The Spa Week Gift Card will be InComm’s exclusive spa and wellness gift card, and will be available in more than 18,000 retail locations this year and more than 20,000 retail locations in 2012.  Target, Sam’s Club®, CVS Pharmacy and Rite Aid are just some of the retailers that will be selling the Spa Week Gift Card as its exclusive spa gift card this holiday season.

Distribution with these key retailers will exponentially grow the company’s national gift card program with the net result of driving more and more consumers to Spa Week’s valued spa partners. Over the next few years, Spa Week will continue to work with InComm to expand distribution of the Spa Week Gift Card with the goal of having it becoming the largest-selling spa and wellness gift card in the industry.

“Since 2004, Spa Week has strived to create innovative programs to increase revenue for its spa partners. The retail distribution of the Spa Week Gift Card is the next step in the evolution of the Spa Week brand,” said Cheryl Reid, CEO and founder of Spa Week Media Group. “Together, Spa Week and its spa partners will continue to strive to make a healthy lifestyle a viable option for the masses.”

“We are excited to partner with Spa Week Media Group to launch Spa Week Gift Cards,” said Brian Parlotto, senior vice president of gift card and digital content.  “This partnership brings strategic value to our portfolio of top tier gift cards and allows us to continue offering innovative products to our retail partners while further strengthening our commitment and support of simplifying the buying process for consumers.”

About Spa Week Media Group Ltd.
The nation’s most successful spa marketing company, Spa Week Media Group connects wellness-savvy consumers with thousands of spa businesses nationwide. Since 2004, millions have experienced the benefits of the spa lifestyle thanks to the efforts of and the trademarked Spa Week Events’ signature $50 price point. From dynamic, industry-shaping content, life-changing sweepstakes and a prestigious national gift card program to its weekly deal site,, Spa Week Media Group is the Country’s leading lifestyle resource for everything wellness. As always, Spa Week’s mission is to change the perception that spa visits are an indulgence by highlighting the health benefits of a regular spa regime, and to make the spa an accessible and affordable reality for generations to come.

About InComm
InComm is the industry leading marketer, distributor and technology innovator of stored-value gift and prepaid products using its state-of-the-art point-of-sale transaction technology and payment solutions to revolutionize retail product sales and customer experiences. With nearly $13 billion in retail sales transactions processed in 2010, InComm is the nation’s largest provider of gift cards, prepaid wireless products, reloadable debit cards, digital music downloads, content, games, software and bill payment solutions. InComm partners with consumer brand leaders around the world to provide more than 225,000 retail locations the products and services their customers demand. Since 1992, InComm’s patented technologies have made the buying process easier for consumers while streamlining the selling process for product and retail partners. To learn more about InComm, visit or call (800) 352-3084.