At IPSB – Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (formerly known as the California College of Massage & Bodywork), prospective natural healers can pursue career training in the fast-growing profession of massage therapy. Located in Culver City, IPSB provides two unique bodywork courses including the 550-hour massage therapist program, and the introductory 150-hour massage technician program.
As a beginner course to the field of massage therapy, the 150-hour massage technician program is a great way to explore your potential in the healing art. Included in the massage technician course are studies in massage theory and techniques (i.e., Swedish massage, energy balancing, self-massage, deep circulatory massage, spa styles of massage, seated massage, etc.) Upon successful completion, students
are awarded a certificate, and may advance to the 550-hour massage therapy program.
For the serious candidate, it is necessary to complete both the massage technician program and the massage therapy program. The 550-hour massage therapy program at IPSB is comprised of in-depth studies in acupressure, advanced circulatory massage, hydrotherapy, deep tissue, polarity therapy, anatomy and physiology, business for bodyworkers, and more.
Additional elective courses that are offered at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing entail hands-on training in touch for health kinesiology, raindrop technique (Aromatherapy), craniosacral unwinding, lymphatic massage, pregnancy massage, sports massage, Thai massage, Reiki, and various forms of reflexology, among other specializations.
There are also continuing education classes and workshops at IPSB, which include instruction in polarity, neuromuscular re-education, reflexology, and craniosacral unwinding.
If a career in massage therapy appeals to you, schedule your tour at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing here: .. and jumpstart your holistic healing profession today.
*Tuition plans available.
Featured School of the Week: IPSB – Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing
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