SpaBoom, the spa industry’s preeminent provider of online gift certificates for spas has launched Blissful Online Marketing. A feature set designed with ease, beauty and highly-targeted online marketing in mind, Blissful Online Marketing complements SpaBoom’s Instant Gift Certificates, creating a one-two punch that promotes spas and enables online transactions, ultimately increasing revenues.

“Time is the precious commodity that our spa managers must manage carefully,” said Bill Bice, SpaBoom’s Founder and CEO. “We’ve expanded our offerings in ways that simplify and automate Email Marketing and online promotions to the point where once created, campaigns can fly on their own set schedules, freeing up time and resources for other efforts.”

SpaBoom has created two levels of Blissful Online Marketing. The Standard Package comes with all Instant Gift Certificates service. The Premium Package, a slightly more feature-laden version, comes standard with Dynamic Websites or as an add-on fee service. SpaBoom is waiving all Premium Package fees through May, 2010, as a gesture of support for all of the spas, massage therapists, estheticians and salons who are competing in this challenging economic climate.

SpaBoom’s Blissful Online Marketing gives spas one more no-risk, high-return feature set to help them better reach the ever-increasing online gift audience, and to nurture existing client relationships.

About Spa Boom
SpaBoom has facilitated over $44.5M in online sales for its spas, and provides Instant Online Gift Certificates, Dynamic Websites and now Blissful Online Marketing. All offerings meld form and function, combining beauty and elegance with highly effective technology that increases online visibility and, in essence, extends the spa experience for online visitors. SpaBoom’s partnership with the world’s largest spa marketing and media company, SpaFinder, enables easy access to millions of wellness-focused consumers via SpaFinder’s global media network, as well as the annual Global SpaFinder Directory. To learn more, please visit