June 25, 2010, Albuquerque, NM – SpaBoom, one of the industry’s foremost providers of online marketing for spas, salons and massage therapists, announced it has released a new, full online marketing suite that generates revenue instantly. Since inception, SpaBoom has facilitated more than $85 million in online revenue for their clients, revenue that would otherwise have been unrealized.

SpaBoom’s newest offering streamlines online traffic generation, sharing the spa’s brand message everywhere (locally, nationally, virally), selling instantly and online, building repeat clientele, and capturing more bookings. The online marketing suite includes easy management of a spa’s website content and graphics, e-mail marketing, social media, SEO, online menus, branded instant gift certificates, and special events, all within a single login.

“People simply don’t have the time to handle all of their crucial online marketing functions under separate logins,” said Bill Bice, CEO. “We’ve now simplified online marketing management and saved significant time for spas. One entry and menus are updated, websites are updated, special events are activated, client email campaigns are created, Facebook and Twitter messages are generated, and clients can go back to the business of managing their spas, not their online efforts.”

A champion of empowering independent and local spas, salons and massage therapists, SpaBoom delivers low-cost, powerful, effective online marketing while generating significant revenue for nearly 4,000 clients nationwide.

About Spa Boom

SpaBoom now empowers independent and local spas, salons and massage therapists with a single login, online marketing suite that simplifies leveraging traditional marketing into revenue driving, effective, affordable and powerful online brand management. SpaBoom’s technology has facilitated more than $85 million in additional revenue for its clients with online marketing features for instant gift certificates. For more information, visit www.spaboom.com.