New solution allows spas, salons and yoga, Pilates and fitness studios to finally fill—and monetize—their open appointment times

New York, NY – SpaFinder® Wellness has announced its just-launched “Last Minute” platform is expanding to Miami, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Los Angeles, California, in November. This unique business solution is designed to help spas; yoga, Pilates and fitness studios; wellness centers; and salons easily fill open appointment times that previously would have gone un-booked by posting open appointments over the next 48 hours. With un-booked appointment rates running at 30 to 60 percent industry-wide, un-monetized inventory now represents the biggest drain on spa, wellness and beauty businesses’ profitability.

“Last Minute represents a far smarter and pro-business alternative to the standard ‘daily deal’ sites,” said Peter Manice, vice president, partner development, SpaFinder Wellness. “No hefty commissions, no brand dilution and, most importantly, unprecedented control. Businesses can now precisely target discounts at their un-booked times, and use those openings to draw a more price-sensitive consumer—all while maximizing revenue. It’s a re-imagining of the deal concept, a sustainable way to manage inventory, and we’re thrilled to bring it to these three major markets.”

Last Minute launched in New York City just two weeks ago, and already 40 premier brands—from Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa at The Plaza Hotel, to The Spa at Trump SoHo—have quickly jumped onboard. A national rollout across major markets will take place next year.

“We’re very impressed by this new solution’s ability to fill our previously un-bookable appointment times,” said Denise Schoenberger, manager, Clarins Skin Spa in New York City. “SpaFinder Wellness’ Last Minute attracts the kind of members that we want to invite to our spas, and has a brand image that matches the quality of the services we offer.”

With an eye to developing an advanced, last-minute platform to roll out nationwide, SpaFinder Wellness recently acquired bTreated, which, since 2010, has been the leading online service for last-minute deals on luxury spas and salons in New York City. bTreated’s proven technology platform and software is now powering the company’s new product. Benefits of the platform include reasonable commissions and quick electronic payment to businesses and exposure at SpaFinder Wellness’ large, highly targeted spa/wellness customer base. And because the Last Minute platform is self-service, businesses retain total control.

“Our spa and wellness partners in New York have increased profits by leveraging revenue management concepts to optimize their schedules and increase their customer base,” noted Josh Brenner, co-founder of bTreated and director, product management at SpaFinder Wellness. “With many new tools in development, we couldn’t be more excited about delivering value to even more wellness providers as we expand to new cities.”

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