New York, NY (June 19, 2012) — Spanfeller Media Group (SMG), founded by acclaimed media pioneer Jim Spanfeller, maintains its position at the forefront of digital content with the introduction of The Active Times ( formerly entitled eKADIA. The website targets consumers passionate about outdoor and endurance sports, fitness and adventure travel.

The new website replicates the successful content model of The Daily Meal, SMG’s first site devoted to All Things Food and Drink, which launched in January 2011 and already boasts 3 million unique monthly visitors. Both sites complement the rapid growth of culture trends and accentuate healthy, active living. These shared attributes allow for content to live in tandem between the two platforms whenever possible.

Editorial director John Rasmus is no stranger to the active lifestyle market–quite the opposite, in fact. Prior to The Active Times, he was editor of Outside magazine, founding editor of Men’s Journal, and founding editor-in-chief of National Geographic Adventure. Rasmus holds the distinction of the only editor to win the National Magazine Award for General Excellence at three separate magazines.

“Consumers who are passionate about specific sports and adventures are almost always interested in other areas of active lifestyle. Whether it’s trying new sports or visiting new places, they thrive on challenging experiences,” Rasmus said. “The Active Times has created a great digital resource to explore those passions.”

The site is made up of 10 channels and 37 sections–including running, hiking, climbing, biking, kayaking, surfing and skiing–delivering practical and motivating content on all elements of an active lifestyle. Beyond its seasoned editorial staff, topline contributors include renowned author and mountaineer David Roberts and triathlon coach and fitness writer Marty Munson.

“The Active Times will fill a major gap for the vast number of consumers already engaged in an active lifestyle,” Spanfeller said. “The site demonstrates a full-bodied commitment to SMG growth and expansion. We’ve created a discussion centered on what people are doing in the world of sports and adventure, from methods to improve technique to exhilarating treks and the newest gear.”

The first platform of its kind in the digital realm, the website offers an immersive experience, uniting valuable content with striking design and social media integration. In addition to original features, the site will aggregate content from several well-known industry players– including The Competitor Group, Explorersweb, and the Red Bull video network. Users are equally encouraged not only to comment, but to contribute their own stories and videos.

Aligning itself with today’s most advanced technology, The Active Times has partnered with Gathering Point, a leading provider of hyper-local mapping, to give active consumers a go-to source for nearby adventure. Geo-aware maps allow for users to pinpoint fitness centers, biking routes, hiking trails, and outdoor sporting events taking place in their region.

About Spanfeller Media Group

Founded in June 2010 by Jim Spanfeller, the Spanfeller Media Group brings media into the digital age through premium subject-specific content. Its first site, The Daily Meal launched in January 2011 and already is among the largest food sites on the Web. The Active Times is the second vertical content site of the venture-backed company.