SpaQuality LLC announces the first SpaExcellence Certified Spa in Europe: the Hotel Majestic’s MAJESTICSPA Essential Moments in Barcelona, Spain

GREENVILLE, Del. – June 6, 2011 – MAJESTICSPA Essential Moments, a boutique spa located in the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, Spain, part of the Catalan group Majestic Hotel Group, is the first spa in Europe to achieve SpaExcellenceSM certification. This certification is the culmination of months of organizing and documenting MAJESTICSPA’s quality system in accordance with The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2010 from SpaQuality LLC. The Standards provide a framework for everything a spa does including planning, day-to-day operations, behind-the-scenes processes, leadership, teamwork, training, system evaluation, continual improvement and more.

According to MAJESTICSPA’s spa director, Eva Crespi, “Implementing with The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM has helped us to have a clear and concise management system. This translates into being able to be fully devoted to customer satisfaction. It also helps us be clear about where we are now and where we want to be in the future.

“This implementation has enabled me and all spa team members to define all the different activities that we do daily at the spa and in the back office. We developed protocols in order to improve our efficiency, which also makes it easy to train staff and incorporate changes and innovations,” Crespi continued.

“It helped us make our internal communication more fluid and clear among cabin staff [treatment providers], reception, spa coordinator and the spa manager. The spa staff has clear job requirements, which makes it easy to manage the spa regardless of whether someone is on vacation or if someone new has been hired.

“For example, one of the main problems we had to deal with was when we had to hire new staff. There was a lot to train on and little time. Many times we hired because we had extra work and needed people to be ready to start working with clients right away. Since we implemented The Standards, we have experienced a spectacular change in the time invested on training people. We have gone from investing two weeks to one week. We can now have somebody ready to work in our spa with only two days of training. This is possible because we designed the training to be broken down in different phases, which allows a new professional to start attending clients (in some areas) even though he/she hasn´t finished all the training. Moreover, we have seen that the training for new staff is now much more effective. The new professional has more confidence. That makes our lives much easier, since we can start counting on that new team member almost from the beginning.”

A SpaQuality Certified Assessor conducted the scheduled, “open-book” assessment of MAJESTICSPA’s quality system for compliance to The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM2010. The assessor sampled procedures, records and system integration and interviewed team members. The spa’s processes were assessed in several categories: intention and strategy, leadership, guest experience, operations support and improvement, as well as how well they worked together as a quality system. MAJESTICSPA met all the requirements of The Standards for certification. MAJESTICSPA received a detailed feedback report from SpaQuality LLC highlighting things the spa does well and opportunities for improvement based on an analysis of the assessment. The spa can expect an unscheduled Anonymous Guest Assessment to evaluate the spa from a guest’s perspective before the next annual assessment.

“We congratulate MAJESTICSPA for its leadership in the European spa industry,” said Linda Bankoski, co-owner and managing director of education and assessment for SpaQuality LLC. “This spa can serve as a model for a formal, disciplined approach to spa management. The MAJESTICSPA proves that even a small spa can be an excellent spa by ensuring the integrity of its spa quality system. That integrity benefits both the Guests and the stakeholders.”

About MAJESTICSPA Essential Moments

MajesticSpa Essential Moments is located on the 10th floor of Hotel Majestic and has an incredible view of Barcelona. The hotel is located the middle of Paseo de Gracia and near the Ramblas where there are some of Gaudi’s buildings and exclusive boutiques. The spa offers facial treatments, body treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing and make-up.

The facilities include a reception area, four treatment rooms, two pedicure rooms, two manicure rooms, a make-up area, and a hydrotherapy circuit, which includes a dry sauna, an ice fountain, a steam room and a sensations shower with relaxing essential oils. For more information, visit

About SpaQuality LLC

SpaQuality LLC is an independent organization specializing in evaluating quality systems in the spa industry. In an effort to bring quality management principles and practices to this industry, SpaQuality created and maintains The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM, spa industry specific quality system standards; provides quality system education to spa leadership teams; assesses spas’ quality systems; and certifies those spas that follow the The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM.

Julie Register and Linda Bankoski created SpaQuality LLC in 2003 and released the first edition of The International Standards of SpaExcellenceSM in 2004. It is currently in its fifth edition.

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