The latest in professional strength certified organic beauty solutions

SpaRitual Introduces Sole Mate Callus Remover, MASSAGE MagazineKnown for crafting all-natural and highly effective organic beauty solutions, SpaRitual continues to raise the bar in “green” formulas by introducing the first 83-percent certified organic, professional-strength callus remover in the industry, Sole Mate Callus Remover.

After years of thorough research, SpaRitual has found a way to effectively dissolve thick, callused foot skin without stripping the area of its essential moisture and balance. Other professional-grade callus removers typically strip the skin of nutrients, leaving the treated area dehydrated and cracked with no protective barrier. While the effects of this stripping can be uncomfortable, it can also lead to a cycle of reoccurring calluses, which can be become extremely painful and eventually, unhealthy.

Sole Mate Callus Remover features exotic essential oils and foot-nurturing ingredients that promote maximum healing, restoring the skin’s soft texture, leaving the feet feeling soft, refreshed and refined.

By providing specially-selected key ingredients, Sole Mate Callus Remover offers the solution to areas of the foot affected by callused, severely dry and damaged surface skin.

Key ingredients include:

  • Organic papaya exfoliates dead skin cells and polishes the skin.
  • Organic argan oil deeply moisturizes the skin, aids in circulation, restores balance, softens and repairs the skin while neutralizing free radicals.
  • Organic aloe vera features moisturizing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties that sooth, hydrate and protect treated skin while promoting skin regeneration, healing chapped skin and sealing in moisture with a protective barrier.
  • Organic tamanu oil restores balance and acts as an additional anti-inflammatory agent, while hydrating and promoting skin regeneration. It also helps to relieve irritation and common rashes.

“We are proud to launch Sole Mate Callus Remover as the newest addition to our line of professional strength beauty solutions” says SpaRitual founder, Shel Pink. “Being both natural and effective, it’s a better experience for both the professional and the customer.”

Designed to work wonders on its own, Sole Mate Callus Remover can also be used with the Eco Foot File (Dual-Sided 80/150 Grit) and/or the Sole Mate Hydrating Foot Balm.

Sole Mate Callus Remover is currently available (in-salon 5/1) in 4-ounce and 16-ounce sizes.

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