In new research, applied cervical and upper thoracic massage and manipulation reduced headache-pain intensity in patients with migraine headaches.

“Migraine headache significantly impacts the health of individuals and of society,” researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in Tehran, Iran, stated in an abstract published on “The application of simple physical nonpharmacological techniques could greatly reduce the therapeutic costs and side effects in acute onset of such headaches.”

For this study, 10 male patients (mean age was 32.0 ± 10.59 years) with acute onset of a migraine headache according to IHS-2004 diagnostic criteria were enrolled in the study. Neck and upper-thoracic-spine massage and spinal manipulation technique were performed.

Headache pain intensity was assessed before and after the intervention by means of a verbal analog scale. Following treatment, headache pain intensity was significantly reduced compared to the pretreatment values, according to the abstract. No side effects were observed, and all of the patients reported satisfaction with the intervention.

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