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As the seasons change, our skin goes through a type of metamorphosis. From summer to winter and winter to spring, we are affected by the changing weather and, in some cases, other extreme conditions.

To complement these seasonal changes, you can offer a limited selection of signature seasonal services, such as a seasonal facial and seasonal body treatment, each geared toward the needs of skin based on the season and local environment.

To implement seasonal therapy treatments into your massage practice, you first need to determine what would be most appropriate based on the time of year and climate.

Embrace the Summer Heat

Try to incorporate ingredients that make sense for the season and allure the senses. For example, during summer months, take into consideration the warmer temperature and aim at addressing a variety of concerns, such as dehydrated and sluggish skin, pigmentation, sun damage and loss of vitality and tone.

Blend tropical ingredients like coconut, macadamia nut, pineapple, bananas, guava and sugar cane that not only nurture and repair skin, but are reminiscent of the season. Your treatment then becomes a tropical retreat for your guests. You can also go a little further and use only local ingredients for a truly sustainable experience. Once again, focus on the needs of your clients based on the season and local atmosphere.


Soothe for Winter

On the same note, during the winter season, work on exfoliating and hydrating rough, chapped skin. During this time of year, your clients are gearing up for the holidays and want to expose and reveal a silky, smooth complexion.

Ingredients such as pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and brown sugar will not only aid in exfoliation and rejuvenation, but inspire the mood for the winter months.

Another fun ingredient is champagne. Grapes have a high level of antioxidants to fight free radicals as well as tartaric acid, so they can help diminish wrinkles and blemishes and aid in the lightening of skin to give your client a dewy complexion all over the body. It can make the perfect New Year’s treat.

To gain media attention about your seasonal services, you can create strategic partnerships with other local businesses and attractions in order to cross-promote your offerings. Seasonal treatments should be unique to your practice and, therefore, they become industry news since the exact treatment is not offered anywhere else.

Seasonal treatments also add variety to your menu. Because they are always changing, it gives your clientele something to look forward to throughout the year. You can create various add-on specials to each treatment, such as a conditioning scalp massage or a personalized aromatherapy blend for your clients to take home, that captures the season and nature of the treatment.

In addition, seasonal treatments give you an opportunity to educate your clients on why you are offering each treatment at that particular time of year. You can go into more detail about the variety of ingredients, explaining the benefits of each so they understand, on another level, why they should be scheduling this special treatment. Educating your clients is key to selling your services and promoting your brand.

It is easy to implement seasonal treatments to any menu of services. In addition to having the opportunity to create unique offerings that will inspire your clientele, seasonal treatments are the perfect way to pay homage to the season and address concerns that are characteristic of the time of year.


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