Nature invented the elements in Zum Clean laundry soap; Indigo Wild put them together in one bottle.

Kansas City, Missouri (PRWEB) July 15, 2009 — Indigo Wild introduces another line to their ever evolving list of natural products, this time around they’re tackling your dirty laundry. The Zum Clean line has been extended to include Zum Clean aromatherapy laundry soap, a laundry soap that battles stains with a seemingly magical combination of all natural ingredients.

Zum Clean laundry soap is not a detergent. Unlike detergents, Zum Clean laundry soap fight stains, with ingredients you can actually pronounce. The soap cleans a lot more than just Mother Nature’s messes – it cleans a whole bunch of non-natural nastiness, too.

As with all of Indigo Wild’s products, Zum Clean is all about getting naked and revealing what’s behind the label. So what’s the naked truth? Zum Clean laundry soap is a made with natural borax to soften your water, baking soda to bid odor adieu, vegetable glycerin to grip the dirt and send it away and loads of essential oils so aromatic they bring new meaning to fashion sense.

To see just how good this non-detergent is, you’ll need to take the plunge – into your washer of course. The first step towards au natural is choosing from one of four Zum Clean laundry soap aromas: Lavender, Eucalyptus-Citrus, Frankincense & Myrrh, Sweet Orange ( The choice is tough, but the options are good as they all hold up to Zum Clean laundry soap’s stain fighting standards. Next, simply pour 2 oz. into top-loading washing machines (total 32 loads) or pour 1 oz. into high-efficiency machines (total of 64 loads.). After using Zum Clean laundry soap, your linens will hug tighter, your socks will smell sweeter and your trousers will be free from the nightmares of harsh chemicals forever.

Zum Clean natural laundry soaps can be purchased through the Indigo Wild website ( where you can find the full Zum Clean line. The site is also the only complete source for every Indigo Wild product. In addition to shopping for natural products online, visitors can request a catalog, connect to the Indigo Wild blog or sign up for Indigo Wild e-newsletter and special offers. Clicking is encouraged whether you are au natural, in a towel or fully clothed.

Indigo Wild has always done things the old-fashioned way; bare hands making products with bare and natural essentials. What began as a hobby for the owner has grown into the Zum Factory (, a place where human hands are the primary machines in operation. Although the company has firm roots in Kansas City, Missouri, Indigo Wild’s natural products are always sprouting up on the national stage; appearing in magazines such as Lucky, Shape, W and more, including a recent appearance on the CBS Morning Show. The natural products company distributes their products through numerous web sites and natural products stores across the United States.

About Indigo Wild
Indigo Wild was founded in 1996 by Emily Voth. The company manufactures and sells all natural bath and body products featuring their flagship Zum Bar goats milk soaps, as well as a complete line of Zum products that includes natural lotions, rubs, bath salts, lip balms, mists, candles, and even products for babies, men, dogs and athletes