by Karina Braun

Start the New Year with Exercises to Become Grounded, MASSAGE MagazineMountain Pose is an ideal to practice to get connected with the earth. This pose provides a sense of inner calmness and strength. Mountain Pose also grounds one’s energy.

To practice this pose: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and feel all four corners of your feet. Bring the energy up through the legs and into your core. Allow your pelvis to remain in a neutral position. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed as your head stays in line with the neck. Gaze forward gently as you take five deep breaths.

You can also perform downward facing dog to draw earth energy into your body from the feet and hands. Since bodyworkers transfer energy through the hands, they should be aware of the minor chakras in the hands as well as the feet. Downward facing dog is a great pose to stretch the back of the body and hamstrings. This pose is also good for opening the shoulders.

To practice this pose: Start with your body on all fours. Tuck the toes under as you lift the pelvis and press back to straighten legs. Spread your fingers and ground down into the ground as you press up. Rotate your humerus externally and lengthen the collarbone. Slide the scapulas down the back as you let the head hang. Lift the kneecaps to engage the quads and rotate the upper thighs internally. Sink your heels into the ground. Bend your knees if you feel too much stretch in the hamstrings. Stay in the pose for three breaths and feel the energy flow through the hands and the feet.

Feel your base chakra at the root of your spine. The base chakra is the first chakra and runs at the lowest vibration of energy.

To practice this pose: Sit in a chair and close your eyes. Take your focus to the pelvic floor. Breathe into this area for three minutes. Sense the grounding energy as you imagine a four petal lotus vibrating and giving energy to all the body’s systems. Experience the stability you get from the earth under you and translate this into your daily life.

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