CreamsNo matter what career a person might choose, there tends to be a risk of becoming bored or even burning out a bit. In the world of professional massage therapy and bodywork, burning out is a very real risk, especially given the physical nature of this work. Therefore, it is important that touch therapists find ways to keep the playfulness and creativity alive in the session room each day—and perhaps find ways to work that are a little less physically demanding, as well.

One great way to infuse your daily work with some freshness and newfound passion is by focusing on massage cream. This may sound strange at first, but massage cream can serve as the perfect focal point for exercising your imagination and coming up with fun ways to keep your excitement level high for the work that you do. Here, we will outline a few ways you can use massage cream to maintain a nice amount of newness and creativity in your work as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker.

For a large number of touch therapists, massage cream may mean a neutral lubricant that you use in order to apply your chosen modality or techniques to the skin, muscles, joints and overall body of each client. However, massage cream can be much more than a neutral vehicle for the application of techniques. By choosing to explore massage creams that may bring extra benefits to the table, you can begin to get some new ideas for your practice.

For example, consider exploring the world of massage creams that contain essential oils. These massage creams can not only serve as an optimal lubricant, but they can also bring the benefits of aromatherapy to you and your clients. A massage cream that contains lavender essential oil, for instance, may offer additional calming to your clients, whereas a massage cream that contains rosemary essential oil may help to rejuvenate clients before they rise from your table.

If you are able to find one or more massage creams that contain essential oils and perform well as lubricants, you may then be able to start creating whole new services to add to your massage or bodywork practice menu. Based on a high-quality massage cream blended with top-notch essential oils, you could offer your clients an aromatherapy massage as a potential upgrade.

Other massage creams one may wish to explore include those with pain-relieving ingredients and those made from all organic ingredients. The first could be used to create a service based around relief from acute aches and pains, and the second could be the centerpiece for an organic massage session, from the table linens and the candles to the massage cream.

Of course, with so many creams on the market today, these are only a few ideas for staying inspired in one’s practice through the use of new and different lubricants.