To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Expert Advice,” by Elizabeth Walker, D.C., in the June 2011 issue. Article summary: Body contouring, once the realm of estheticians, is the hottest new trend for massage therapists. With massage venues becoming more prevalent, massage therapists are looking for ways to expand their offerings into more lucrative markets catering to anti-aging, detoxification and cellulite reduction.

by Chris Wege

Summer is finally here—and it’s the perfect time for inner and outer cleaning to rid the body of heavy toxic buildup. In spring and summer, the channels of the body begin to open naturally, just like the budding of trees and flowers, so detoxification is naturally supported.

Massage with steam therapy is the ideal formula for maximum detoxification, for any body type.

Heat experienced during a steam sauna treatment speeds up the chemical processes in the body, making it one of the most simple and comfortable ways to rid the body of accumulated toxins. As the pores open up and the million sweat glands start to excrete, the body rids itself of metabolic and other waste products.

Summer is also an excellent time to do a liver cleanse along with steam therapy, as it will aid maximum detoxification. This is also an important time for women to focus on detoxing the lymphatic system. A massage along with a steam sauna is ideal for women to heal longstanding, chronic problems and possibly prevent disease in the future.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. A rule of thumb is to drink as many ounces of pure water daily that equal half your body weight. When doing a steam sauna, drink plenty of water beforehand, during and afterward to stay hydrated and keep toxins moving out.

Regular steam sauna treatments can be offered as a standalone modality or combined with other healing therapies, such as massage, to provide a practical and enjoyable way to help clients remove these toxins from their bodies. Benefits of steam sauna include weight loss, pain relief, increased alertness and energy, lustrous skin and eyes, and enhanced immunity.

Exercise, a good diet, plenty of water and cleansing the body every season is the ideal formula for perfect health and longevity. Not only will you experience more joy and more energy, you will be healthier, feel better and look younger.

Chris Wege is owner of Natural Health Technologies Inc. ( He has provided quality health products to the massage industry for more than 15 years. Natural Health Technologies is the maker of patented Steamy Wonder Spa and many other fine products and treatment packages.