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Steve Stabile Honored as Franchisee of the Year For elements therapeutic massage
HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. — Oct. 20, 2008 – Steve Stabile, franchise owner of elements therapeutic massage in Middleton, Mass., has been named the Franchisee of the Year for the national chain.
“Steve has done an incredible job with his business,” said Jeff Jervik, CEO and president of Fitness Together Holdings, Inc., a wellness company which owns two franchise concepts: Fitness Together, the largest business of personal trainers in the world, and elements therapeutic massage.   “Steve has built a fantastic team of professionals and a gorgeous studio, and he has also become a role model as we continue to grow the franchise network to more locations across the U.S.”
Stabile was the first person in the country to open a franchise for elements therapeutic massage, kicking off what has become one of the fastest-growing franchise concepts in America.  As a veteran of franchising, Stabile also co-owns four Fitness Together franchises in Massachusetts, a fitness franchise and sister-brand to his massage concept.
elements therapeutic massage opened in Middleton in January of 2007.  Since then, more than 100 franchises have been awarded to franchisee candidates, and more than 50 studios are open in 19 states.
Today, Stabile employs 18 busy certified massage therapists in his studio at 92 S. Main St.  His franchise is consistently among the top performers in the nation, averaging 800-900 massages each month for loyal customers.
“The wow factor of my business is in the little details,” Stabile said about his success and his recognition as Franchisee of the Year.  “Also the perception about getting a massage has already changed in my market.  It’s no longer that notion of pampering yourself that one time a year that you’re on vacation.  This is a mindset about consistent wellness.”
Stabile said a good majority of business for his Middleton studio comes from people who purchase memberships and get massages on a regular basis.  The service also makes the perfect gift, he added.  His franchise sold more than 550 gift cards last holiday season, and he aims to surpass those numbers in the upcoming weeks.
Stabile’s elements therapeutic massage studio includes six massage rooms, and the location is open seven days a week to work around customers’ busy schedules.  The business offers affordable massage therapy services, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage and hot stone massage.
With the rapid embrace of the brand, Stabile’s location is already one of 14 elements therapeutic massage studios in the area that have opened in the last two years.
About elements therapeutic massage:
elements therapeutic massage is headquartered in Highlands Ranch, Colo., and is part of Fitness Together Holdings, Inc. The parent company oversees Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, a one-on-one personal training fitness franchise established in 1996, and elements therapeutic massage, a massage therapy franchise that began franchising in 2006. Today, the combined franchise network includes more than 700 franchise locations across the United States, Costa  Rica, Israel, Ireland, and Canada. For more information about elements therapeutic massage, visit