From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Rx for Emotional Eating,” by Denise Lamothe, Ph.D., in the July/August 2009 issue. Article summary: When you eat for emotional, not physical, reasons, you set yourself up to fail at meeting your goals. You must figure out precisely your own ways to soothe yourself during difficult times.

by Denise Lamothe, Ph.D.

Do you eat to feed your body or your feelings? Experts claim that 75 percent of overeating is triggered by emotion. As negative emotions take control, we become driven by them and eat to soothe ourselves.

Weight gain follows. Eating becomes compulsive and our urges control us. Bach Original Flower Remedies helps manage these urges and helps us regain control.

Bach’s Emotional Eating Support Kit helps manage emotions and stop mindless eating. The kit contains three remedies, is convenient to carry anywhere and should be used in combination with developing a healthy lifestyle.

These Bach remedies will help you stop emotional eating:

• Cherry Plum, which helps you stay calm and in control, even when you feel like overeating.

• Crab Apple, the cleansing remedy, helps you feel better about yourself and your body, especially when you feel embarrassed or disgusted over how you’ve been eating.

• Chestnut Bud helps you change negative behaviors, making you more self-observant, so you notice changes to make to break the cycle of overeating.

The remedies are simple to take—just two drops of each into your mouth or any beverage four times per day.

Once you begin using Bach remedies to avoid anesthetizing yourself with your food, you will be able to attend to your feelings. As you heed the messages of your emotions, you will become better at meeting your true needs and choosing what you really want. This will help you manifest perfect health, achieve ideal weight and bypass those extra snacks.

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