massage-therapy-creams-save-moneyIf you come across a great deal on massage therapy creams, is it a good idea to stock up? There is a good chance there’s an expiration date if you’re using high-quality creams with natural ingredients, which means the product can spoil. The shelf life of many ingredients in creams varies, and their shelf life can be unpredictable when combined.

While you certainly do not want to use expired massage creams on your clients, you also want to take advantage of good deals and bulk buying opportunities.

Look at the label

The first thing you should do is pay attention to the manufacturers’ statement of shelf life for any given product. Some companies provide a “born on” date and then a shelf life, rather than an expiration date. For example, if a product has a shelf life of 18 months, you would calculate the expiration date based on the date it was produced rather than the day you bought it. Some manufacturers provide a “sell by” date instead.

Quality counts

Possibly the most important factor when it comes to the shelf life of a massage cream is dealing with a supplier that provides fresh, superior products. If you are purchasing your creams and/or essential oils from a supplier that sources ingredients of questionable quality or that is not reputable, you cannot expect the products to last. Even if you follow best practices, there’s no guarantee that others in the supply chain have done the same.

Know where to store

There are several factors that can have an impact on the shelf life of a massage cream. Sunlight, heat and exposure to air can all have detrimental effects on creams, which means keeping your containers sealed and out of direct sunlight make a huge difference in how long they will last—where and how products are stored matter. For example, Biotone creams’ shelf lives are doubled if the products are refrigerated between uses.

Freeze your creams

Another way to make products last longer is to make use of your freezer. Buying in bulk may be a good business decision, but purchasing more than you can use during the stated shelf life can be risky. Many products can be frozen and the shelf life extended. It’s best to always follow the manufacturers’ instructions.

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