Todd Lowe, president of, announces expansion to more than 600 cities across America. Employers respond very positively to this recently launched web site that matches "street smart" employers with "street smart" employees who are highly motivated, hardworking and experienced.

Orange, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2008 — Responding to serious interest from employers with job openings across the country, Todd Lowe, the founder of [ __title__ Click this link.] has expanded operations of his Web site to more than 600 cities.

One human relations specialist, a Senior Recruiter with a national food and facilities management company, states, "I am so enthusiastic for Todd’s passion to serve this population of job seekers that I have already recommended to my colleagues." The company is one of America’s most successful businesses with many job openings. Now, job seekers who are highly motivated and ‘street smart’ have one more potential employer where they might find jobs.

Another client, also a Senior Recruiter, with a major hospital, comments enthusiastically, " is a good idea. I particularly like the ‘street smart’ advice where I found a lot of good and useful information. It’s true, people should smile more when they come to an interview." Job seekers, with no college degree, but lots of street smarts and ready to work hard for a living will find many good hospital jobs listed on

Job seekers will find various types of jobs listed by other companies across America with more being added often.

Todd Lowe adds, "I was inspired to launch by Donny Deutsch of CNBC’s "The Big Idea – Donny Deutsch when I heard him say, ‘Find something that ticks you off and that’s a business opportunity.’ With no college degree, but a successful sales career, I had long been ticked off by employers who would not hire me, or even interview me because I do not have a college degree. I realized there was a need to connect ‘street smart’ employers who could recognize a job seeker’s potential with all of the ‘street smart’ employees out there."

Today, [ __title__ Click this link] is well on its way to meeting this goal, both by expanding to more than 600 cities and with a constantly increasing number of visitors to the web site.

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