Scranton, PA (PRWEB) September 30, 2010–Stratford Career Institute is now offering a newly revised and significantly updated relaxation therapist distance learning course to students.

In keeping with current career trends, Stratford’s career training relaxation therapist course has been updated to include a more multicultural approach to relaxation therapy, incorporating Western scientific research and theory combined with more traditional Eastern philosophies.

Modernized revisions to the curriculum include the most recent information on the biological, psychological and spiritual components of stress management and relaxation therapy.

“The new relaxation therapist course has been designed to incorporate the latest techniques and methodologies. It is ideal for individuals looking to start a new career, but can also be beneficial for individuals interested in learning more about stress management in their own lives,” said Dr. Claude Major, director of education for Stratford Career Institute.

Overall, Stratford says students are exposed to a variety of coping strategies and relaxation techniques, such as massage, aromatherapy, meditation and more. The course also offers several supplementary materials to help students start practicing holistic stress management, including exercise workbooks and a CD dedicated to more detailed components of relaxation techniques.

Individuals interested in obtaining free career information about Stratford’s relaxation therapist course, or any one of the school’s more than 60 courses, including the high school diploma program, can call (800) 363-0058, ext. 9980 or visit

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