Miami, FL. Founded in 2004, leading expert in practitioner-assisted stretching Jorden Gold discovered and launched Stretch Zone Inc., a company that has revolutionized “the stretch” and its ability to have incredible impact on a person’s overall health, injury prevention, recovery and performance enhancement.

With a dedicated roster of world-recognized names and faces, Stretch Zone has become the resource for improving performance in both athletic and daily activities for notables including musician Lenny Kravitz, actor George Hamilton, pro-athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB and ATP such as Marshall Faulk, Chris Carter and legendary Hall of Famer Jim Brown as well as hundreds of other celebrities, celebrated athletes and multi-millionaires from around the world.

“Stretch Zone’s programs are designed bridge the gap between health and fitness,” explains Marc Abrams, Stretch Zone Inc. president. “Between our 15 years of research and success we’ve designed practitioner-assisted stretches to not only meet the demand of ‘stretching back the years’ for businesses and experts alike, but also a way for them to benefit from a new revenue stream and longer professional lifespan.”

Stretch Zone is targeting businesses that service baby boomers; health and medical specialists; sports clubs and spas; schools and athletes of all levels with the Stretch Zone Program, a complete proprietary system of methods, protocols, continuing education workshops and tools that include the original Stretch Zone Table and patent pending Conversion Kits.

The Stretch Zone Workshop, a practitioner certification course of complete stand-alone, state-of-the-art performance enhancement modalities, was created for select massage therapists, athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and other bodywork modalities. The workshop provides in-house or on-site training and support for those using Stretch Zone methods, skills and procedures, so that they may proficiently offer the service to their clients. The practitioners each receive extensive training on-site at the Stretch Zone Institute or off site, with supporting documentation, manual, protocols and continuing education credits. This new skill set will not only help increase business, but also prolong a practitioner’s length of work because of its mechanical advantage from repetitive use injury, in the end differentiating themselves from their competition.

Each workshop instills the Stretch Zone Method, formulated as a series of Stretch Cells designed to target different parts of the body and areas of concern. These controlled stretching techniques are conveniently broken down into five- to 10-minute sequences that work with the autonomic nervous system and efficiently improve muscle symmetry, improve flexibility, enhance physical performance and alleviate rheumatic pain. With precise stabilization, control and comfort, the Stretch Zone practitioner systematically positions, stabilizes, isolates and carefully assists each rhythmical stretch. Each Stretch Cell can be customized for a client’s specific needs or performance objective.

As a way to better these methods, the Stretch Zone Table was invented, followed-by the patent-pending Stretch Zone Conversion Kit, designed by Jorden Gold. Tthe kit was built to conveniently convert any standard massage table (stationary or portable) into a practitioner-assisted stretching table. The kit slips snuggly onto the under frame of a massage table with no need of extra hardware. It can be safely and easily added to or removed from any standard massage table in under one minute. The adjustable belts, pads and straps allow for the speedy extension of muscles further than the central nervous system would normally permit.

About Stretch Zone Inc.

Stretch Zone Inc. is the world’s leading source and educator for todays advanced assisted-stretching, a tool used to better ones health and flexibility. Built to provide performance enhancement modalities for health practitioners, massage therapists, trainers and athletes alike, Stretch Zone is a proven method of innovative stretching techniques with incredible impact on the overall health, injury prevention and recovery in stretching back the years” and also a way for businesses to benefit from a new revenue stream and longer professional lifespan. For more information or to register for a Stretch Zone Workshop, visit