To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Structural Energetic Therapy: Entering the Heart Space,” by Don McCann, in the February 2012 issue. Article summary: People are healing from many conditions and diseases at an incredible rate, and it’s not due to standard practices of medicine. Patients are walking away from doctors’ offices without buying into the predicted outcomes and crises expected from their diagnosis. Greater numbers of people are seeking help for healing from complementary therapies. Fortunately, many of these people are experiencing health far beyond what the standard medical practice could ever deliver.

by Don McCann

As massage therapists, many of us already work more from our hearts and our heart chakras during our treatments. Richard Gordon of Quantum Touch, Richard Bartlett of Matrix Energetics and Eric Pearl of the Reconnection all teach methods to develop the heart space and consider that space to be significant for true healing. Emei qigong has many techniques to expand the heart space and recognizes that each cell of the body has a heart space. I highly recommend studying any or all of these to further expand your own heart space and healing potential.

Here is a powerful and helpful method I have used for expanding my heart space. Sit quietly with your spine aligned and eyes closed, and envision light coming through your crown chakra down into your heart. Then, consciously seek to intensify and expand this light until it expands past the limits of your perceived physical body. Doing this daily as a five to 10-minute meditation will rapidly expand your heart space, and ground and center you into your heart. The more you practice this, the easier it will be to enter your heart space by just closing your eyes, visualizing the light descending into the heart area and then applying it for your client’s well-being.

Another component of the development of the heart chakra is to cultivate a nonjudgmental acceptance of ourselves first, and then of others, just the way we are and they are, which includes our illnesses, beliefs, personalities, biases and physical characteristics. From my observation and practice of coming from my heart, I find I spend much more time in my right brain, where creativity is magnified. I have attended quantum physics lectures that elaborate on the left brain being a linear processor and the right brain being a multidimensional processor. The amazing thing is that the way to access this is to expand the heart.

Step outside the box

We need to step outside of the box of our mental beliefs. One of the limiting factors in developing these potentials for healing that we each tend to struggle with is the limiting structure of our already formulated beliefs that are full of bias and keep many doors shut.

The ability to visualize almost to the point of hallucination is an asset in developing intuition and our own healing focus. In massage, our attachment to technique can actually be a detriment to developing our intuition and awareness.

In energetic healing, the limitations of these attachments are magnified. Letting go of our beliefs that limit our ability to perceive beyond them is an absolute necessity in developing our intuition and healing skills.

Heightened awareness

Quantum physics has heightened our awareness and understanding of the universe outside the normal linear cause and effect, and has expanded our understanding as to why and how energy healing is possible. I don’t claim to be a physicist, and often I don’t fully comprehend what physicists are talking about, but some powerful and important quantum physics concepts validate energetic healing. The first is that intent or intention shapes reality.

There are many discussions by numerous physicists going back to Albert Einstein concerning how and why this happens. If intention for healing comes from the heart space, it aligns with the energy of the higher power and anything is possible. When viewed in this manner, you can begin to see the infinite possibilities that exist by using the heart space for healing.

I am only responsible to set the intention for healing, go into my heart space and connect with the higher power. I don’t need to know the details of what is necessary for someone to heal or even make a diagnosis. The higher power, with its infinite knowledge and wisdom, will accomplish the healing that is warranted and appropriate.

What matters

Quantum physics has researched the components of matter. Physicists have done numerous experiments in researching the components of matter and have discovered that the smallest particle of observable energy is the photon, which has properties of light, energy and information. Everything we see as matter, including our bodies, is composed of these photons.

A most fascinating experiment concluded that when photons are observed, just the process of observing them changes them. This is actually an important concept in that it explains the theory of a healing technique.

Enter the heart space

Now recall the exercise mentioned earlier in this article where you go into the heart space, envision light coming into the heart space and expanding that heart energy.

Once the heart energy is expanded, from the heart space visualize the person who needs the healing as light and just observe this light body in whatever form, pattern or intensity that appears. Each person who is observed in this manner has a unique light form, intensity and pattern.

As you observe this light energy, it will start to change. The light will expand and intensify, patterns and shapes change and connect, and what appears to be static flashes similar to lightening will become quiet.

Theoretically, what is being observed from the heart space is the client’s light body, or the photon energy that makes up the matter of the body. By observing his photon energy from the heart space, you are connecting with the higher power. When the patterns, intensity and quality of the light body of the client change, there will have been an energetic change for the client. These changes initiated from the positive intention from our heart, and the connection with the higher power produced a change in the energy of the client’s body, resulting in healing.

Structural changes have been verified after energy work by using kinesiology. Prior to applying healing energy, kinesiology will show any structural imbalances in the body. Then, the healing technique described above of observing the photon light energy body from the heart space is applied. When that process is complete, rechecking the balance of the structure using kinesiology verifies that the structure has moved into balance without the application of any other technique.

What’s  more interesting is that these changes usually last longer and are more complete than with hands-on manipulation of the tissue. It is obvious that observing the photon light body of the client from the heart space with the intent to heal and being connected to the higher power produces positive structural changes that are part of the healing process.

Structural balance

The form of deep-tissue bodywork used in Structural Energetic Therapy® that I have developed and have been practicing for the last 35 years also holds another key to structurally balancing the body. What has been observed is that everyone has a twist in the body, which we call the core distortion pattern.

When this twist becomes more pronounced through life experiences and traumas, musculoskeletal problems resulting in pain and dysfunction begin to occur. At this point, we say the client is in structural collapse, where the collapse of the structure is responsible for the breakdown of function and resulting pain.

Often, degeneration of discs and other joints of the body from long-term structural collapse can be extensive, and the distortions in the spine become significant, resulting in exaggerated scoliotic curvatures. Expanding the observations of the structural collapse throughout the entire body, there are imbalances created from the feet to the top of the head and into the arms and hands, all with potential loss of function and pain.

If left uncorrected, this collapse in the structure can lead to long-term, major disabilities and loss of quality of life along with chronic pain.

Another important component to this structural distortion is the distortion of the cranial movement found in the craniosacral mechanism. There is actually a torsion in the cranial bones that is held by the restrictions in the soft tissue of the fascia, reciprocal tension membrane and dura. When the soft-tissue restrictions that hold the distortion in the cranium are released, the cranial bones move into balance. Then, the entire core distortion throughout the body is released, allowing the body to move into structural balance.

This balance includes the relationship between the sacrum and iliums, which is then able to provide weight-bearing support.

Prior to releasing the distortion in the cranium, this weight-bearing support cannot be achieved and the structure of the body will remain in the core distortion with all its limitations, even though improvements can be seen and felt throughout the body with various forms of treatment.

Cranial motion

This technique to release the cranial motion into balance can be seen as the principle balancing mechanism for the entire body. We refer to this as cranial or structural therapy, and these techniques are what set Structural Energetic Therapy apart. When looking at the ramifications of applying energy healing methods to affect the changes that are currently achieved through the application of cranial or structural techniques, this gets very interesting.

A Structural Energetic Therapist can now energetically release the distortion in the cranium and, thus, affect structure of the whole body. In essence, by finding the key governor of the structural distortion of the body, which is locked up in the cranium, and applying energetic techniques to release this restricted cranial motion, there is now an incredible opportunity for the application of energetic healing to release the basic cause of 90 percent of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

It has been proven over the years that when this cranial core distortion is released, the result is a long-term structural correction throughout the whole body that can last for a lifetime.

The soft-tissue restrictions that hold the cranium in its distortion form during the development of the fetus. Once the soft-tissue restrictions that hold the cranium in this core distortion are released, these restrictions cannot reform in the same fashion, so this core distortion will not return. The application of the energetic corrections vastly expands the effectiveness of the treatments, and many clients can achieve maximum rehabilitation from the painful dysfunction of the spine and joints from this energetic application.

The above describes one scenario where energetic healing is applied to one area of the body, the cranium that will affect a much larger area—the structure of the whole body. Perhaps in the future, there will be other discoveries of areas of the body that govern overall body function. Applying energetic healing methods in those areas would then accomplish even greater healings throughout the body, perhaps on the level of organ and system healings and the like.

Open the door

Some exciting results have been occurring within the Structural Energetic Therapy realm with energy healing. Structural Energetic Therapists have used energetic healing for correcting their client’s cranial imbalances by going into their heart space and connecting with the higher power. Even though the intent of the therapist has been releasing the cranium into balance, the energetic changes have reached far beyond the therapist’s intent.

There have been conditions in clients’ bodies that were never consciously brought into focus during the application of energetic healing methods that have healed. Thus, using the energetic healing techniques whenever you are working with the clients’ craniums opens the door for unlimited possibilities of healing with the clients.

A Structural Energetic Therapist does not even have to know what conditions need to be addressed for improvement to take place. Thus, every session of Structural Energetic Therapy is dramatically expanded in its impact for the client.

Don McCann, L.M.H.C., L.M.T., developed Structural Energetic Therapy. He has been a Structural Energetic Therapist for more than 30 years. He has a master’s degree in counseling education, and is a certified postural integrator, licensed massage therapist and licensed mental-health counselor. He has studied Reichian release, Bioenergetics, rebirthing, Cranial/Structural Therapy, Gestalt and hypnosis. For more information, visit