suki® clinically-proven natural solutions® skincare, a pioneer in the beauty realm for evolutionizing synthetic-free personal care by creating an entirely new skin care formula rivaling synthetic brands at 84 percent but remaining 100-percent pure, introduced its ambassador program, a direct selling “party plan” enhanced with training, tools, materials, in-depth support and aims to increase consumer awareness of the brand and its offerings, inspiring others to make healthy, safe and environmentally responsible choices without sacrificing quality and results. This initiative will ultimately drive the company’s sales goals, with projections of $75,000 to $100,000 for the first year.

The program is a longtime coming for Suki Kramer, founder and president, who has seen firsthand the growth of her company through the loyalty and dedication of longtime fans who spread the love of suki® far and wide.

“I am so grateful to our fans who share their experiences communally, and personally want to become a part of the company,” says Kramer. “They have always been at the core of my brand since its inception, and a woman sharing her best-kept beauty secret with her friends and family is the best kind of advertising.”

While the program represents a new, emerging sales model for suki®, the team is excited to see what it does specifically, and how it can inspire the suki® wellness culture to grow. Along with empowering women to start their own businesses, earning money for themselves and generating sales for the company, the program tasks its ambassadors to educate their contacts on know your beauty™, the brand’s signature philosophy. Know your beauty™ encourages defining beauty on your own terms, making informed choices when it comes to your health and well-being and accepting yourself as you are, as well as how to become an advocate of safe, natural alternatives in your community.

suki® ambassadors will be trained regularly to ensure they have a master product knowledge and relay the brand’s core message. Once more, fans can understand and adopt the suki® life-fulfilling and self-affirming program, Kramer hopes the skin care evolution will affect positive change in the world.

The program began June 1, 2012 on the company’s website,, and details will be distributed via e-mail, Facebook,, and Twitter,