Summer is finally here and (mSS) is welcoming it with open arms. mSS has gathered seasonal tips from its expert advisors to help consumers look and feel their best this summer. Home Spa recipes are provided for living a healthy summer, while looking beautiful with products from our online boutique.

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 20, 2009 — Summer is finally here and is welcoming it with open arms. mSS has gathered seasonal Home Spa Recipes from its expert advisors to help consumers look and feel their best this summer. According to mSS founder, Kimberly Matheson Shedrick, “This summer it’s all about the generations. Children, teens, young adults, parents and grand-parents should all be preparing for a healthy and fun summer.” For this reason, Matheson Shedrick has hand selected products for every generation and created a Summer Spa Treatments Remedies Collection for all to enjoy.

Christopher Drummond, one of mSS’s Spa Lifestyle Expert Advisors, is a professional makeup artist with more than 15 years experience in the cosmetic industry. He has created a list of summer makeup tips that will help to keep your skin healthy, make your makeup last longer and keep you looking fresh:

– Let your skin breathe and use sheer makeup that serves more than one purpose. It is important to keep the humidity locked in as sweating dries skin out. So, lock away your foundation for the season and use a light moisturizer with sun block instead. Remember, you need to hydrate your skin both internally and externally.
– Instead of using foundation to cover up freckles, use translucent tinted powder to blot the skin and add color to it.
– Go for the nude natural look for the lips. Even for evening parties, it is preferable to use Saúde Pele on arms and neck and a soft gloss on lips.
– Sensual and bronze skin and is the look for summer. Stay out of the sun, but give yourself a bronze glow with a good bronzer. Eyes should be done simply. Use neutral and soft shimmery eye shadow on lids and work on lashes instead. The bronzer can also be used as an eye shadow.
– Curl your lashes and use glossy black shade on them to make them appear longer and your eyes bigger. Use only a very fine line with eyeliner. Remember, less is more in the summertime.
– If you must apply foundation, mix it with loose powder to keep you looking fresh throughout the day.

Tara Grodjesk, another mSS Spa expert advisor, believes that “The seasons have an enormous impact on the human body and its well being.” Grodjesk feels so strongly about seasons effecting health; she creates seasonal remedies for every season. One of her summer remedies includes a recipe for an invigorating salt glow which calls for four tablespoons of Muscle Soother Bath Salts, two tablespoons of Revitalizing Body & Massage Oil and two tablespoons of water. In the shower, rub gently onto the entire body to exfoliate skin surface, then rinse off.
Another important tip to remember during the summer months is to stay safe and mSS has many products that both help to prevent sun damage and repair existing damage. Just a few of the products that mSS carries to apply Sun Care Recipes are Atzen, TARA Sun Therapy and Shady Day. s the Web’s first virtual spa with everything you need to lead the spa lifestyle — accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere, mSS brings together experts, spa treatments and shopping for the newest Spa Products Boutique with a spa community of bloggers to share personal stories.

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