During the summer months, getting a tan is easy; however, getting proper vitamins from the sun can be hard. A golden layer of skin does not necessarily mean we are providing our bodies with the right nutrients from the sun. Sure, we all love to have that summer glow, but our bodies need more than just UV rays.

Covering your body with sunscreen is effective protection from the damaging rays of the sun; however, sunscreen also limits your body’s ability to absorb the important nutrient, vitamin D (you need 10 minutes of sun exposure on bare skin each day to get adequate vitamin D levels). Recent studies show that depleted vitamin D levels can lead to depression, lower immune system and even heart disease.

Instead of grabbing a bottle of sunscreen, protect your skin and get the benefits of vitamin D without the harmful UV rays of the sun by grabbing a bottle of NeuroSun. Packed with 1000 IU of vitamin D in each bottle, NeuroSun provides the recommended daily amount of this essential vitamin, which protects the immune system, increases bone, heart and muscle health, naturally enhances mood and provides raw materials for the brain to function more efficiently. With only 35 calories per serving in a fully recyclable bottle, NeuroSun enhances mood naturally and strengthens the body at the same time.

NeuroSun is part of the Neuro collection of 24-7 wellness drinks designed to enhance and support healthy and active lifestyles: NeuroSun, NeuroTrim, NeuroGasm, NeuroAqua, NeuroBliss, NeuroSport and NeuroSonic–all individually provide targeted benefits to help people stay well.

About Neuro

Neuro (www.drinkneuro.com/) is a new line of wellness drinks that are specially formulated for people on the go that live a 24/7 lifestyle. Creator, Diana Jenkins, developed Neuro along with a team of nutritionists and scientists after having a bad reaction to a well-known energy drink. Jenkins wanted a drink that not only promoted well-being but tasted great without added artificial colors and flavors. Each drink is specially formulated to enhance and support a variety of cognitive functions and includes clinically validated functional dietary ingredients.

Each drink in the Neuro collection of 24/7 wellness drinks contains only 35 calories per bottle and provides targeted benefits to help people stay well and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Every distinctively shaped Neuro bottle is fully recyclable and includes:

  • NeuroSonic: Increases mental alertness and concentration
  • NeuroSleep: Promotes restful sleep with melatonin
  • NeuroSun: Provides all of your daily dose of vitamin D (1,000 IUs) without the harmful rays of the sun
  • NeuroBliss: Promotes happiness while helping to eliminate stress
  • NeuroTrim: Promotes weight loss with a unique fiber ingredient that makes you feel full
  • NeuroGasm: Stimulates blood flow to the body