spring spa marketing

Along with daffodils and daisies and singing robins, the perfect season for massage and spa marketing promotions has arrived.

Take advantage of this special season by preparing a place for your clients to relax and rejuvenate themselves for their special moments or escape from the stresses of life. Here are fresh spa marketing ideas for your massage practice.


April Showers and May Flowers

In spring, rain refreshes the earth and flowers start pushing through the soil in search of sunlight. In your spa marketing materials, use language and graphics that echo springtime in nature and tingle the senses, such as flowery images or rain symbolism to evoke the idea of a spa treatment that cleanses the skin and strengthens the body.


New Beginnings

Spring is a time of new beginnings—an ideal time to step up your efforts to serve new clients. To encourage referrals, consider providing individual rewards or additional smaller spa treatments for frequent clients or those who bring or refer friends. Connect these promotions with bigger advantages, such as a discounted seasonal membership or complete spa package.

For those referred clients who want to become members, offer a discounted one-year membership rate when they join this spring.


pink-tulip-webSpring Cleaning

If you have extra retail products or samples that haven’t sold, offer them at a discount to make room for new inventory. Send out a mailer advertising your limited-time price reductions. This encourages clients to come in and see you, while allowing them to get the effects provided by the products you use in sessions in the privacy of their own homes.

You build credibility by offering products at discounted rates, potentially leading to more recommendations and more people in your sphere of influence.


Spring Celebrations

A massage and spa treatment package is a perfect gift in any season, but springtime brings many special events, including Mother’s Day, graduations, birthdays and, of course, weddings. Put together group packages for wedding parties, or as part of a bachelorette party. Also, consider special promotions for mother-daughter spa days so they can share some pampering time together.



One of the most important ways to spread awareness about your spring spa promotions is through social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just a few examples of essential tools for connecting with potential clientele. Utilize social media to distribute discount coupons to boost your client base.

For those clients you haven’t seen in a long time, send out letters or emails to invite them back in a more personal way.



Focus Your Spa Marketing Plan

While creating and distributing your spring promotions, it’s important to consider your audience. What are your goals for this season? Are you aiming to bring in more new clients? Would you prefer to reconnect with ones you haven’t seen lately, and encourage them to come in regularly? Perhaps you want to focus more on a certain age group, or attract more male clients.

Whoever your target audience is, aim your spring spa marketing in their direction.


Time for a Massage

Use your promotions and exclusive, limited-time specials to communicate to your clientele that springtime is the perfect time for a venture to your unique getaway spa.


Cecilia MoralesAbout the Author

Cecilia Morales is head of customer relations at JacoSpa, a professional spa supply source. She enjoys working in the beauty industry and trying new and exciting products and trends in skin, hair and nail care. Outside the office, she loves traveling, cooking and spa days. Morales wrote “5 Tips for Creating Unforgettable Customer Service” (Feb. 19) for massagemag.com.