Supplement Sales May Boost Business and Client Health, MASSAGE MagazineThere are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but many clients who book appointments with a massage therapist are fairly health conscious. They often are the people who know the value of healthy touch and believe in the power of preventive care.

As a massage therapist, you use your hands—not an invasive procedure—to help lower stress levels, relieve aches and pains, soothe the symptoms of various medical conditions, boost circulation and help bump up immune function. These are a few of the benefits of massage therapy that have been studied and reported on in a variety of peer-reviewed journals.

If you wish to further enhance and expand the health benefits you offer to clients, you might consider integrating the sale of supplements into your massage practice, as well as a dose of education for clients in terms of how certain supplements can help them achieve and maintain their healthy living goals.

By stocking a few shelves with high-quality supplements inside your practice space, your studio becomes a one-stop shop for health and wellness. Clients can not only receive a healing bodywork session, but they also can purchase helpful supplements on their way out the door.

(Note: Before you start selling nutritional supplements in your massage practice, check with your state massage governing board concerning any regulations with the sale of supplements in your practice.)

There is a vast array of supplements available for sale, as well as a growing body of reliable research on exactly how each of these supplements, or combinations of specific supplements, can help boost health.

With so much information and so many products at your fingertips, you can pick and choose those supplements you feel most passionate about, the ones you think would truly help increase your clients’ well-being.

If you aren’t quite sure about the power of certain supplements, take time to do your own research, looking up studies based on that supplement via the Internet or at your local library. Fairly quickly, you should be able to form a stock of favorite supplements, as well as research reports to back up their efficacy.

For instance, there are widespread scientific reports on the frightening lack of vitamin D and calcium in the average American’s diet, and these are two elements highly important to overall health.

As you learn more about the eight types of B vitamins, you may also grow more comfortable recommending a top-notch vitamin B complex, which blends all eight to help boost energy, among other benefits revealed via peer-reviewed research.

For example, a long-term study of 5,000 women, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (Feb. 23, 2009) found that a combination of B vitamins—B6 and B12—reduced the risk of macular degeneration in women age 40 and older by more than one-third after seven years.

When you believe in and feel passionately about a product’s ability to truly benefit clients, you can feel proud to sell that product in your massage studio. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to boost your own income while at the same time boosting the health and well-being of your clients.

As you sell your clients supplements you stand behind fully, it should only extend the healing benefits and qualities of your bodywork practice as a whole.