ADA, Mich., Sept. 15 /PRNewswire/ — While 93 percent of Americans report attempting to make everyday choices to be healthy and live well, 41 percent of Montana residents say they struggle to do so, according to the Amway Global Wellness Index, a recent national survey of more than 15,000 Americans regarding their health and wellness. Montana residents report that the two main barriers preventing them from living a healthier lifestyle include lack of time (37 percent) and the costs associated with eating a balanced diet (20 percent).

Montana Wellness Challenges:


Forty-four percent of Montanans report having a "very" or "somewhat" high stress level compared to the national average (40 percent), according to the Amway Global Wellness Index. Forty-nine percent of Montana residents find that talking to family and friends is a highly effective way of coping with their stress. Increasing physical activity (44 percent) and sleep (29 percent) also top the list, while 16 percent practice yoga and 14 percent turn to food for comfort. Only 11 percent of residents decrease the time they spend using technology gadgets to reduce stress.


The survey shows that 23 percent of Montana residents are not exercising for at least 30 minutes or more at a time on a regular basis. That's well under the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendation of a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per day or a minimum of 20 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity three days a week. When it comes to the work commute, 84 percent of Montana residents drive or use public transportation. However, when they do exercise, the focus is on general wellness (43 percent), cardiovascular endurance (24 percent) and weight loss (10 percent).


While 38 percent of Montana residents report that not getting enough exercise is one of the biggest wellness challenges, 34 percent also report getting enough sleep as a major challenge. Only 8 percent of Montanans judge their current state of wellness by the amount of sleep they get.


Half (50 percent) of Montana residents consider themselves obese or overweight, yet only 21 percent of Montana respondents gauge their state of wellness by their current weight.

The Election, Economy and Wellness

Thirty-five percent of Montanans and 33 percent of Americans claim that the candidates' positions on personal wellness will influence how they vote this election. Additionally, 42 percent of Americans, versus 33 percent of Montanans, report that the economy is having a negative impact on their wellness choices. For the nation, current economic conditions also are negatively affecting the wellness of 51 percent of non-working parents, versus 43 percent of working parents. And, when it comes to the battle of the sexes, the health of women is affected more by the economy (44 percent) than men (40 percent).

About the Amway Global Wellness Index

The Amway Global Wellness Index is a national survey of 15,035 American adults ages 18 and older to uncover American views toward the concept of wellness and individual, family and community wellness. Commissioned by Amway Global, the study has an estimated margin of error of +/-0.8 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence level. For more information and state-specific statistics, go to

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