October 13, 2009 (FPRC) — GREAT BARRINGTON, MA — Sustainable Sourcing, a company offering ethically sourced, artisan harvested natural products from the world’s most remote, pristine lands, announces their leading pink Himalayan sea salt, HimalaSalt, for overall health and vitality.

Sustainable Sourcing is dedicated to providing products that put health and well-being first and they maintain this commitment by bringing consumers the highest quality Himalayan sea salt available. HimalaSalt, an all-natural, unrefined Himalayan sea salt, provides natural trace minerals required for the health, well-being and vitality so crucial to today’s uncompromising consumer.

Consumers have become wary of the salt in their diets as the reduction in salt intake has become common advice by the medical community. Melissa Kushi, founder and president of Sustainable Sourcing, set out to re-educate consumers that the truth in salt intake comes down to “quality vs. quantity.”

“Pure salt is the foundation of life, and is the key to creating all major elements of the body,” states Kushi. “It’s crucial to maintain a natural alkaline condition in order to metabolize and eliminate pollution and toxins found in today’s air, water, and soil, and to enjoy the health, well-being, and longevity we are naturally meant to enjoy. People with high blood pressure and other health issues have recognized the benefits they can receive from Himalayan sea salt and flocked to our HimalaSalt.”

Recognizing the many benefits of Himalayan sea salt, such as sharpened brain functions, improved mental clarity, anti-aging, detoxifying and purification properties, Sustainable Sourcing set out to provide their consumers with the very best and HimalaSalt was created. HimalaSalt is all-natural, unrefined, additive-free, and is not heat treated like other salts, which destroys delicate and crucial trace minerals. HimalaSalt has been protected for millions of years in the remote, pristine Himalayas. It contains a full spectrum of whole essential minerals to support wellbeing and adds delicious flavor to recipes.

Sustainable Sourcing is a business founded on providing pure, natural products for health and wellness and was also created with a mission to care for the environment. HimalaSalt is the only pink Himalayan sea salt to be ethically hand harvested, Kosher Passover Certified and made by 100 percent Green-e Certified Renewable Wind and Solar Energy. Sustainable Sourcing is continually looking for ways to further reduce their environmental footprint and donates 5 percent of their profits to environmental causes.

Sustainable Sourcing is the leading manufacturer of a complete line of pink Himalayan sea salt products, HimalaSalt, and Sustainable Sourcing Organics, a distinctive line of organic peppercorns, spices, and artisan salt blends. They also carry the best in eco-friendly gourmet gifts including 100% zero-landfill gift sets, holiday gourmet gift sets, salt plates and slabs, Organic Travel sets for those on the go, and for the healthiest option in luxurious relaxation and gentle detox, Sustainable Sourcing offers Organic HimalaRose Healing Rituals bath salts and massage stones. Products are available nationally at Whole Foods Market, other natural and gourmet stores and online at http://www.sustainablesourcing.com.