Synergetics USA, Inc. (NASDAQ: SURG), a leading microsurgery company that designs, manufactures, and markets medical devices for use primarily in ophthalmic surgery and neurosurgery, announced that it had recently attended the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS), which is the premier international meeting for neurosurgeons.

Dave Dallam, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Synergetics USA, Inc. stated, “We were pleased by our reception at the ANNS and are especially excited about our growth opportunities in the neurosurgical marketplace. The recent evolution of neurosurgical procedures into minimally invasive applications fits perfectly with our technological base. As the market leader for both sub-micro instrument development and microfiber illumination, we are well positioned to take advantage of our core competencies to support wide spread adoption of these new procedures. This was confirmed by our very strong booth activity and especially by the dramatic interest in product development participation we experienced from many of the younger surgeons leading this evolution.”

Gregg D. Scheller, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synergetics USA, Inc. “We are excited about the new products that we launched at the AANS. The AANS is a great conference for Synergetics as it allows us to showcase our diverse product line-up and helps us to generate positive leads and opportunities as well as feedback from our end users. We introduced two new products this year. The LumenTM light source is a new technology for neurosurgery and derives from our ophthalmic market leadership with the PhotonTM light source. Through connection to the LuminTM, neurosurgeons can for the first time use illuminated instruments while performing minimally invasive surgery in deep, dark recesses of the brain. In combination with our non-stick Spetzler®/Malis® technology, the LumenTM highlights Synergetics’ technical capabilities and foreshadows many new technical products to come. We also introduced the new line of super-long Omni® tips, which now allow neurosurgeons to take different and minimally invasive approaches to tumor surgery, and which further differentiates the Omni® as the technology leader in this segment.”

Scheller continued, “We were also very pleased to hold our first ever investor day at our conference booth. The opportunity for investors to see our products first hand, meet management, and witness our interaction with the surgical community, was well received by all. It was a pleasure for us to be able to communicate with our shareholders our business strategy and vision for growth. We expect to repeat similar investor days at future events.”

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